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How and when will you die?

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Yo, this is the best ever. It is so cool that you really shouldn't look farther down.

When do you think you will die? And how?

For me I think 2012!!!! HAHAHAHA. No, I really think 2012. It is true, unless you can prove me wrong, and please do.

Please don't spam this thread with talking to someone else, at least say when before you do.

Katelynn edit: Fixed your atrocious excuse of HTML and topic title. Also, there are better ways of hiding your text than just making it black. Edit by plow to respond to Katelynn.: How? Oh, and you edit my post without permission? .........well that is fine I guess...
In future, when naming a thread, try to have it related to the topic of the thread you're making. Also, the blinking text and hidden text was quite unecessary, I for one really hate blinking text ...

On topic, I'd like to die a natural death, grow old and die knowing I lived my life. Then again, I haven't even lived 1/5 my life yet, so who knows what might happen, for all you know, I might be killed by these guys:

Post count thread FTW. Anyway, I really dunno when I'll die...Hopefully it won't be any time soon O.O
Well... I will be living on forever so this doesn't really mean much to me.
Check out my Youtube page
Taking a small break
Hopefully the 2012 rumor isn't true... And name your thread related to what it's about. >.<
Good fucking bye.
I will probably die by a mob of flying sushi sharks. Or with a fizzed-up atomic bomb aimed directly at my head.

Or old age................................................................................yeah, boring.
Jumping in front of my future master to take the final hit of the epic battle for it, somewhen in the future, when the world is covered in the war's blood and the atomic destruction.
You know what I would want to do sometime? Make copyrights to me about something and write the copyrights like this: Copyright to Plow 1998-2009
Right? That way I could sue and/or put alot of people in jail! YEAH!! No just kidding but I once saw a ad on tv where they had these small letters as copyrights.
*sigh*   The idiocy of another person, an attack by someone mad/jealous, or a very unlikely tragedy will do me in sometime before I get married.

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i will die of causes unknown.
When my dictatorship is finally never stopped and I die of old age.
I'll die at the age of 300 eaten by a giant squid or in a planet in a Pulsar.
i just lurk sometimes
I'm dying as I type. I can see the ligh...
My tendency to exhaust myself without noticing, along with sleep deprivation will probably shorten my lifespan something awful.

...It's 2 a.m. where I live as I'm typing this.
Malnutrition, and soon.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.

Possibly tomorrow

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
1st I will get ran over by a truck then when people ask the doctor how I died, he/she will say I died of a heart attack.
I'll get hit by a bus when I'm 87I am level 8 and proud to be an elephant!
Misc Info 2

Don't no when but by choking on a potato sandwitch
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