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If you could have two special powers.
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The power to calculate the chaos of everything in just a few secounds.
And being able to fly would be the other thing. I allways wanted to fly and it would really help me with my life goals.

I would like the power to pass through solid objects, along with levitation, so i can go wherever i please, and not fall through the floor/ground :P


Originally posted by Swine Flu
Originally posted by Jakester12621
X ray Vision! But I'd like to be able to control it. You know why I'd want this power. ;)

No, I do not. All you'd see are bones.

That's why I said CONTROL it.
PSI! ( Including manipulating matter with my mind, pyrokenesis, telepathy, telekenisis, teleportation, psychic healing, manipulating the minds of other perople, etc...)

Either that or bestowing animation upon lifeless objects :>
Time Control
Slowing down the time, stopping it (I'm still able to move, and also to take stuff with me), reversing it. With this power I could do very much.
(You should know what that is)
Psycho Powers (Telekinesis, Teleportation and others).
Electromagnetic Powers (Creting Rays, SUper Magnetic Powers, Levitate).

i just lurk sometimes
I should have:

Superswift and Fist Pound Powers (I have Power and Speed formations)

Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
The ability to change into my character Icemask, who has complete control of ice. He also can switch into several other alter egos, Aquamask, poisonmask, etc. He "creates" ice by freezing water vapor in the air, however, in the desert, say, he can't freeze from nothing, though he can freeze existing water from a pouch, or even his own saliva/bodily fluids (no perverted jokes, idiots). He can create a shield by freezing water and re-freezing it over and over, so if it breaks it's immediately fixed. This, however, tires Icemask/me out.

My other power? Hmmm... I know! The power to have a different power every day, though they wouldn't ruin my life (IE, no permanent intangibilty). But I'd have a different one every day, with them switching in 24 hours. Unless I'm in any grave danger.

OR, instead of that, maybe the Biometal from Megaman ZX.
1. The ability to create entities with my mind.

2. The ability to make anything I imagine happen. That includes things loik me imagining myself going invisible and it happening.

This signature intentionally left blank.
The ability to go anywhere without any effort would be awesome.

The ability to morph into anyone/anything
How come no one has said this yet? It would be goddamn great to be able to morph into ANYTHING. You could run laps as Sonic and make new world records, you could beat the bullies harassing you as Hammer Mario (:F) or get teh wimmenz by changing into... a guy with a big dick?

Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
can think of anything and it will come through... the ability to fly!

super mario OWNZ
I would want pie to come out of my armpitts and chococolate come out of my eye.
Savestates and the ability to add more superpowers. I would be unstopable.

When Yoshi dies too much, he'll come back to haunt you...

If you want to play any of my hacks, just PM me.

My Stuff:
Two super power's I want are to have every super power in the world.
Originally posted by Holy Order Sol
- Ability to instantly heal anything on anyone

That's so I can pretend I'm the new Jesus.


Well let's see...

1. The power to copy other people's powers. (That means I can copy all your powers and then some)

2. The ability to instantly find loopholes
If I can have 2 special powers it will be:

1) Immortal

2) Telekinesis
1)The Flash's Powers

2)Wolverine's Powers

Originally posted by Sagittaire
2)Wolverine's Powers


I look like him! XD

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
I'll have the power of wishing. The way I won't have to worry about having just two wishes/powers.

If that doesn't count, then I'd pick Teleportation (like goku's instant tranmission). The other one would be Cloaning (Cloaning Items or myself) Mostly money lolz..
Well I could give myself the power to give myself more powers, but I don't exactly think that's the point, so...

-Control over time. With this, if I made a mistake I could go back and redo it so I wouldn't make the mistake, I could slow down time for whatever reason, I could speed up time to make something go faster, and I could even stop time, place knives in the air, and start time back up to make them fly towards enemies.

-The power to tune out stupidity. My god, I would love this so much. :O

Your layout has been removed.
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