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Early C3 Releases - 3 Things!

Well, the Title says it, this is the C3 Release of mine. You see, I won't be here for the weekend, so I need to post this while I have a chance. When C3 starts, the Mods/Admins can move it there... along with posts. Anyway, here is what I want to release.

-The full version of Mario: The Fourth Sector
-3 ExGFX files of my choosing from Mario: the Fourth Sector.


Q: What are these exactly?

A: Well, this is for those who don't know. The hack dubbed "Mario: The Fourth Sector" is the hack that made me famous throughout the whole world. It can be found on Google! Anyway, the Fourth Sector is a hack unlike anyother. It is the official second part in the SCORPION Mythos. Well, yeah.

The hack SCORPION's Ravage is my latest hack I am working on. It isn't epic like The Fourth Sector, however it is also featured hack worth meterial. So, you want a fun hack where you play as the villian for once? Go on ahead and play SCORPION's Ravage.

The 3 ExGFX files are the ones listed.

-Remodeled Flash Fortress
-The Corrupt Lands
-Volcanic Debris

Q: Do I have to give S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. credit for these GFX?

A: Since they are all original, yes. I am only releasing them b/c they aren't all that to me anymore.

Q: Will the ExGFX come with Map16 Files?

A: Yep, not yet have I dissapointed somebody about that. Have fun using them! :)

Below are the Files:

FIXED IPS DOWNLOAD of Mario: The Fourth Sector
3 ExGFX files

Want the Soundtracks to the 2 hacks? Get it below

SCORPION's Ravage and The Fourth Sector SPC Format Soundtracks
SCORPION's Ravage and Fourth Sector SPC's

the patches are corrupted
I do pixels sometimes
Scorpion, may I recommend that you don't release a 7 world demo? It sounds like you're relatively close to finishing that hack, why not just finish it and submit the whole game at a later date instead of giving us a long demo to play through. Just my two cents.
Hmm, you are right about that... Ok, I'll wait. Only downside is... it won't be in any C3 stuff. Well, it might keep it out of confusion. Anyway, the Fourth Sector link is fixed.

Umm.. so yeah, it's not a good sign when you find yourself stuck in the first level, especially when there's no time limit D:

EDIT: Ummm, 'The Fourth Sector??' level crashes upon entering too btw.
Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
I got the SAME error.
i just lurk sometimes
I don't get why it does that... hopefully, this fixes things.

FINAL FIX of Mario: The Fourth Sector
Replace your version of the IPS with this small hex-edited version, and that should fix the problem.

Be sure to read those message boxes. Those Xtras appear in the first world. After you beat every world, an Xtra should become available.
Scorpion, you really should test everything out before you release something:

After the bonus room in 'Sectorials Arrive!' the pipe lead me to a glitchy death.


The screen scrolling pipe to reach the star in this area doesn't actually lead to the star, it just makes mario invisible and invunerable for the rest of the stage, and what's with the glitched fish?

I suggest you remove the hack from here for now, and get some decent beta testers, so far I have found an error in every level I've played.
Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
I had the whole thing beta tested... they said it was ready for release. I even tested it out, could my locking of the hack be doing something to it?
the fortress rig is impossible. There's some unfair jump. Add a block or something.
I said it in the betatesting.
i just lurk sometimes
Moving this to the C3 forum on request. ;)