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Welcome back!

I missed the beginning! Damn addictive Azure Chaotic demo!
Hurah, it's finally here, but unfortunatly I won't be releasing anything this weekend, rather in a week or 2 to come, so consider it 'fashonably late' ;)

..But what will it be.. Oh I don't know. :P
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Super Mario: Buried Treasure
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/me goes to change custom title to celebrate the C3

Edit: If that wasn't descriptive enough, the C3 is a great cause for celebration, so I screamed for joy.
Finally it's C3 again =D

Looking forward for every ones submissions, and I wish everybody good luck as well ^.^
... God, I've got the floating munchers... >.<
Good fucking bye.
C3 FTW! I hope this one gets as great as last time!
Your layout has been removed.
Well, even though I won't be releasing a hack or anything else like I thought, at least there'll be awesome stuff to download and look at I guess. :3

Originally posted by SuperYoshi

Indeed ^_^
Yes! Awesome! C3 is here and I'm sure it will be great! I'm looking forward to everyone's projects, and expect something from me later today. ;)
I honestly can't tell if I'm more excited for C3 or the DOOM music playing in my earphones...

well, time to go set up my booth thread.
I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Awesome, C3 is here!
Now lets see if I can actually get something in this time.
Yeah, Munchers for me too I guess... I'm not particularly too exited by this event; however it will give me something to break up the monotony of my day, it appears to be looking good so far, so I guess all I can say now is good luck or something...
Awesome that C3 is here! But I need to finish my 2 castle the least and I'll a few other levels and I'll upload it.
This C3 is turning out even better than the last.
Yeah, I agree, this C3 is turning out pretty well. I hope I can finish a demo of my hack for tomorrow <:)
Good morning, SMW Central! I shall present to you...*drum roll*...a set of glitchy custom blocks! Another set of glitchy custom blocks! Aaaanndd...a glitchy hack!! Whoo! Yay!

Seriously, though, it's really going to suck if I can't fix all the problems I've had lately. I've pretty much given up on fxing the hack; at least the only two or three glitches that still remain aren't game-breaking.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Originally posted by Flandre Scarlet
This C3 is turning out even better than the last.
I agree totally, although this is my first C3
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I actually find it rather nice to see extensions from the last C3. A lot of people who posted at the old one have posted at this one, with work of much higher quality.

I must say, I am impressed so far.
Originally posted by Dinomar
I have a question about: when will this C3 finish? Maybe i skipped some words...

It lasts until the end of tomorrow - May 10th.
FFS, I did a tiny bit more tooling around in Firefox and plastered the SMW C3 logo in the middle of my browser.

You can only see it while a page is loading, but granted it's all kinds of awesome. If you want the CSS for the background image and banner to do this to your own copy of Firefox, I'll gladly link you to a pastebin :)
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!