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Super Luigi & The Quest For The Seven Golden Eggs

Hey everybody, it's Jorshamo (Currently Captain Falcon) here, with a couple of important
things about my hack!

First and formost, Demo is up! Download here. Be sure to read the readme.

Secondly, I have created a userbar for those who like my hack. Now, it was my first time using the program, so
this was the best I could do. Here's what it looks like:

And here's the code to put it in.

That's all for now. Wait! No it's not! If you're wanting pictures and videos, they're available on my normal hack thread here.

Comments and questions are very welcome, especialy constuctive criticism. Questions like "How do I complete level X?" can be answered too. Now, I will be busy doing yard work with my parents 'till, oh, maybe noon at the ealiest, but please still comment. At least C3's two days long!

Okay, that's all for REAL now.
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dude, the link is stuffed!
C3 Visit the 1st

I walk onto the convention floor. This is my first time at C3, and I am not sure what to think. C3 is large, I guess, but there seem to be less than one hundred users here at the moment. At least I brought my IPS patcher and my emulator. I gaze at the unfamiliar maze of convention booths, decorated with screenshots of Mario. I guess I can visit these booths in any order. I grab a bag and walk to that first booth there...

These are not screenshots of Mario. This is Luigi! I notice the free IPS patch "demo". I grab a patch and feed it to my patcher. Then I feed the patched ROM to my emulator. It does not work, I think, but then the title screen appears.

This patch looks like you rushed this patch. The graphics must not be complete, because this game has more graphical glitches than any game that I normally play. The game does run.

Despite some Game Over screens, I play through as far as "Ghost House No. 1". This is the only SMW hack where I play as Luigi. I also note that Yoshi is in the hack.

This thing looks like a yellow quarter of a circle, but acts like a pushable square. I grab the P switch but the circle-square blocks the way, so I need to go back to the other door and try again, but I drop the spring behind the circle-square, so now I am stuck, but I use spin jump to bounce from a boo and get out, so I am not stuck. After a few more tries at the ghost house, I have another Game Over and I stop playing.

"Super Luigi and the Quet for the Seven Golden Eggs" is not an easy game, because it has so many Chargin' Chucks and Bullet Bills, but I can play the levels. Some of these koopas do seem disoriented because they walk backward. The worst part of this game for me is how the world map still uses Mario instead of Luigi. Mario walks on an invisible path but cannot follow a revealed path. The best part of this game is that one Toad at La Casa De Yoshi who talks about the music.

Now C3 feels much larger, because I want to visit these other booths. I drop the IPS patch into my bag and quickly walk off.

Hacking Super Mario World since 28 February 2009
Now, for my rebuke.

Yes, I apologize, the hack was a little rushed. I thought I ironed out most of the bugs, but you proved me wrong. Here are my comments on you pictures.

Screen 1 & 2: I see nothing wrong besides the messed up status bar. That was some how glitched, and I wasn't able to get the status bar editor, to work, so that has to be fix at a later point in time.

Screen 3: Again, I see nothing wrong, but why did you ride the question block?

Screen 4: &$%@! I though I fixed that. I played through the entire hack after I patched it, but I never found that glitch. Unless... Did you go through the door in the thrid room? I might not have done the proper SP setting in there, so that's why it's glitched, probably.

Also, thank you for pointing out the problems with the Ghost House. That will be taken into consideration, and fixed, or at least make the answer more obvious. You need to take the springboard in the last pit and place it on the muncher to get up to the door. I will fix this, perhaps by placing a sign that points up.
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I actually kind of like this hack. Some sections seem bland, and others are too hard, but I did find this somewhat fun.
Good fucking bye.
Cool! You're using the userbar!

Anyway, yeah, I relize now there were a couple of areas that were bland or hard. But which ones bothered you especially?

Also, I fixed a few things.

Made answer to ghost house more obvious and fixed status bar.

I also made Mario into Luigi on the OW.

BTW, does anyone know how to disable the bonus stars completly? I deleted both counter, but the stars still get counted at the end of the level (The address in the rom map didn't work).
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Autoscrolling fun. Must stay big+scrolling areas+Chargin' chucks+Really tight areas=Just plain annoying.

Also, the level with the bullet bills and small platforms (I forget which level it was) was kinda boring, since you repeated it for several screens.
Good fucking bye.
Oh yeah, I'll think about fixing those. Thanks for the comments.
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Originally posted by Captain Falcon
BTW, does anyone know how to disable the bonus stars completly? I deleted both counter, but the stars still get counted at the end of the level (The address in the rom map didn't work).

Disable Bonus Stars Patch

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Thanks! Too bad I wasn't able to upload a new demo 9with the problems mentioned fixed). I would have been much easier, especially in the areas of damage. I thought I was a little stingy on powerups, so I decided to palce far more. But now that leads itself to a problem. If powerups are availible throughout the hack, what is the point of the store? If you have ideas on what to do about this, please post them in my regular hack thread here.

Thank you to everybody who commented and gave opinions on my hack.
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