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Luigi's Superstar Search - C3 Demo Release!

I've been working quite hard the past week to get everything nice and working. So now, after a couple months of on and off work, I present to you:

My first ever released hack, a demo of Luigi's Superstar Search.

I will be showing the overworld in it's entirety (is that even a word?) tomorrow, so I'll have use of both days. But, here's a couple screenshots (a bit outdated though):

Like I said, a couple of outdated screenshots. So I hope you guys enjoy this demo, as I enjoyed making it.

PS: There IS a readme within the zip, not really needed to read, though.

Looks very interesting! I bet lot of people will this downloading and playing. *downloads and plays* :)
I just started playing this, and it seems very promising so far. However, the events seem to be kind of messed up: The second level won't reveal after you beat the first one, and the secret exit of it only leads to an unnamed, unenterable level...

EDIT: Also, it is possible to get stuck forever in the castle, if you use the wall spring just before the pool of lava to jump over the tall pipe to the right.
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actually, you should be able to go right after the "blank" level. Man, I thought I fixed all the events .... I'll look into it again.
Oops... Still, that's kind of counter-intuitive... Why not just have a bent path all the way to the fortress? Also, I noticed another strange event: the exit of Castle Secret activates the path from Sweet Grasslands to Deep Forest.
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

C3 booth the 2nd

I go to the 2nd booth. Like the 1st booth, this 2nd booth has screenshots of Luigi. This seems to be the Luigi section of the convention floor. I see another free IPS patch, so I grab that.

The demo of "Luigi's Superstar Search" works, and it looks and sounds well.

I like these mushroom plaforms, because when Luigi walks on them, Luigi follows the curve. The edges act like curved edges, not straight blocks.

I only try three courses. I find a keyhole exit from the second course and Luigi proceeds up to the fortress, though I had some slight trouble following the path to the fortress on the world map.

I struggle with the boss at the end of the fortress, but I discover where a 1-up mushroom hides, so I have unlimited tries. Then I change my strategy, defeat the boss and save the game.

I was fortunate to find that save point. I would continue this game now, but I want to visit these other booths. Without the save point, I would have lost my progress as I swap games in the emulator. Now I look for a 3rd booth...

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