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Notepad++ ASM Language File

This is a language file for the freeware Notepad++. It highlights frequently used ASM commands, commands and stuff.

1.: Check, if there's a file called "userDefineLang.xml" in your Notepad++ folder. If so, go to 2. Else, open the folder "%AppData%/Notepad++".
2.: Open "userDefineLang.xml" in a editor.
3.: Add this code after the "< /NotepadPlus >": LINK
4.: Save the file and open Notepad++.
5.: You can find it at the bottom of the language list.

Put the special commands ;groupbegin and ;groupend in the ASM. The won't be compiled by xkas/BTSD/SpriteTool/whatever, but it adds a function in N++: a [-] appears left of the ;groupbegin. Click it and be happy.

One has to remove the <br> at the end of each line (caused by how SMWC works).
Pastebin FTW. Thanks for the notice.
Your layout has been removed.
Although I'm a n00b at ASM, this looks really useful

Good job!