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Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Return

After my old hack got corrupted, I wouldn't give up! So I started a new one!

1-1 Bandits Brawl

Bounce on the flower to get the goodies over the spikes ^_^

1-2 Lakitu Trouble

Flare Lakitu makes a nice early appearance >_>

This hack also uses more slopes and decorations that my old one ^_^

Also, for this hack, I've changed what colour Yoshi plays what number level! The order is as follows:

Level 1: Green
Level 2: Brown
Level 3: Dark Blue
Level 4: Light Blue
Level 5: Purple
Level 6: Yellow
Level 7: Pink
Level 8: Red

That's all for now, expect more soon! :)Free counters!
The first few levels seem really dificult already. Try having a smoother difficulty curve.
Also, cutoffness :<
Originally posted by Aqualakitu
The first few levels seem really dificult already. Try having a smoother difficulty curve.
Also, cutoffness :<
They're not that difficult. I took that into consideration when making them. Also, I will fix that flower platform.
Free counters!
From what I can see, this hack looks very linear, examples like in the first screenshot and fifth screenshot, even though you claim to have added more slopes. Make the terrain more bumpy, and use some slopes more often! Also, it does look a little hard for a World 1. Maybe it's easier in game, but that flower and spike challenge definetly looks too hard for a first world challenge.

Otherwise, I like the palettes you used for your levels. They look good.
1-3 won't be as linear, as it is a cave with some vertical movement :)

Soon I will be releasing a 4 Level DemoFree counters!
Why would you have an enemy like flare lakitu appear so early in the game?
He hardly appeared very much in the original.Free counters!
It isn't bad I guess. As stated, be careful with flower slopes - it obviously cut off in the screenshot, but I have a feeling it is screwed up in other places as well. Do a run through and make sure everything is connected.

As for the design itself .. yes, it does look a bit difficult. The Flare Lakitu is probably one of the hardest enemies in the game to dodge, and when you mix it up with a whole bunch of other sprites as well, it could get rather unpleasant. On the other hand, you seem to have a good grasp on decoration. For 1-1, might I suggest adding a few "Flower on underground" (object ID 72 - the listed name is the actual name in EggVine). Make them 2x2 tiles wide, and the put them inside the ground. Assuming you are using the appropriate tileset, you should get nice flowers (note: I forget whether they work on the tileset WITH crossections or WITHOUT crossections, so you may not be able to use them here).
I can't use them, because I am using tileset 1:

Tileset 1 Allows Cross Sections and Trees

Tileset 9 Allows Flowers on underground, ground with flowers, number platforms and plants.

Look, New map icons

My new 1-3 icon. It's supposed to be a Piranha Plant. It is crap. But hey, that was my first YI icon I've ever drawn from scratch with YY-CHR! I will redraw it though.Free counters!