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The Coin Hunt - RELEASE!

Yep, that's my main C3 project. Some of you may have heard about it on my blog, but I bet most of you haven't.

So, what kind of hack is this? Well, the other day I got the idea to make a hack like Keytastrophe, but I didn't want it to use the exact same concept. ("Get the key to the keyhole? Nah, that's overused already. Collect all coins to proceed? Yeah, that sounds like a nice idea.")
So I started working on it, but I noticed it looked kind of boring - it had nothing outstanding in my opinion. Then I got a strange idea - how about making the hack black and white?

It looked surprisingly good to me, and with the right music, it almost had a gameboy feel to it. After a few days, I kinda lost interest in it and froze it though.
Upon being remembered of this year's C3 again, I decided to continue working on it. I kinda rushed making the last levels and polishing it, so it probably could have been a bit better, but I'm still satisfied with how it looks now.
Oh yeah, the plot. As the name implies, the hack's goal is to collect each and every coin, since Mario has run out of money and the rent is due. Not much of a creative plot, but meh.

On the topic of Gameboy style: I'm aware that "The Coin Hunt" isn't exactly like a GB game - There's some hings the Gameboy could have done better (such as grayscale graphics and more types of enemies), and also something that would probably have been impossible on a gameboy (such as backgrounds with a different scrolling rate, as seen in the boss level, many sprites on screen, fading effects and high-quality music). However, it isn't supposed to be exactly like a GB game - I just thought black and white graphics would be a welcome relief, since nobody has done that yet as far as I know.
(If the hack is generally well-recieved, I might make two sequels, one in 8-bit sytle, the other one in SNES style.)

Enough jabbering, let's have a look at some screenshots. ;)

More screens can be found on the download page.
...Oh right, a download link.


That's all for now - I might have two other projects to show, but I'm not sure if I can make them in time. :/
Anyway, see you!

It looks really nice with the black and white NES style.
I'll defenitly try it!
/me downloads
Wow, that got my adrenaline going. Hard, but is made of 100% epic WIN! And yes, I beat it eventually.
The Death-blocks look kinda weird, though else I like the black-white style.
Ok, now I realize it is Gameboy style. Oh whatever.
ANyway, I just played through it, and I have to say it was pretty good.
Although a "real" ending (instead of just one textbox) would have been nice. But still, a very nice and quality little hack you got there!
Really impressive WYE. :3 Reminds me of SML2.

Edit: I just played it and at first didn't know that it had SML2 music in it, I was just judgeing the screenshots and saying that it looked like SML2. X3
This is one cool hack, and the concept is great. This looks like it could be a real Mario game!
Nice concept, too bad that there are only 6 short levels. I would really appreciate the sequels!
Haha, nice idea, black and white coin hunt hack. Fantastic.
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This is almost certain to win an award.
Amazingly, this was really the only hack that got me interested enough to play it (sorry guys, and especially to the Final Destination team hack staff). Not bad. Definitely continue with this style, and do you plan on putting in any bosses?
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There was no Final Destination demo... Anyways, I'm probably going to play this one later.
Good fucking bye.
Wow... Just wow, an amazing hack to be honest.

I really enjoyed playing the hack. I like how the koopas disappear when you jump on them. Heh, it really had a GB feeling (although I never played any GB game)... I would really like to see the sequel of it or something. I was also mentioned in the credits but I didn't really see what you used which belonged to me *shot*

tl;dr short but sweet!
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Thanks for the comments, guys! :D

Originally posted by Ersanio
I was also mentioned in the credits but I didn't really see what you used which belonged to me *shot*

Your levelASM. ;) Nothing big, but eh, it's yours.

This looks very good. It's the first mario hack I've seen in black and white
I just finished it, and boy was that fun. I finished the castle with one second. VERY NICE!!
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Taking a small break
I've not played this yet, but I can tell I will love it based on your screenshots alone. I was a huge fan of the Super Mario Land games and this looks like a worthy "sequel." I'll definitely try to play this soon.

My only question was whether you had considered going for greenish palette like the GB's actual screen. I don't know how good that would look in practice, though.

Anyway, this looks fun - thanks for making it!

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THIS IS GREAT! My only complaint is that it's hard to see the skull blocks in the castle.
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