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SMW2+3: The Essence Star: Board Meeting
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Spring 2009 - SMW2+3: The Essence Star: Board Meeting
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AHEM! Can everyone please have a seat so we may start promptly? Thank you.


Make this snappy, Goldy. I'd rather not waste my valuable time in the presence of you blissfully moronic drones.


You are like a broken record. Tell me, what better things do you have to do?




Didn't think so. Okay! Welcome everyone. As you know, I called you here today to conduct a board meeting on the status of SMW2+3: The Essence Star. We all need to be on the same page to push this project toward completion. I expect the cooperation of all of you- well, most of you.




Professor Frankly, what's the status on the hack's storyline?




HUH?! Francine, I didn't leave the toilet seat up- oh... hello there Silver Birdo.


Ugh. I reiterate, what's the storyline status?


100% complete. That was the first matter of business before starting the actual hack. Professor Frankly is no slacker!


Of course. Mario, what about you? How's the ASM coming along?


Okey dokey.

[VIDEO- Fawful's Furious Fortunes- Revamped]


Marvelous. Princess Peach, how much progress have we made on levels?


Quite a substantial amount since the demo release. Take a look at the latest levels:

[VIDEO- Oasis Retreat]


That is impressive. Lady Bow, got any new races to show off?


I sure do.


And now, Mr. Cranky-Pants Wizard. Are the bosses coming along well?


How dare you have an ounce of doubt in me! The bosses are going to blow everyone away. That fat Italian idiot will never stand a chance to what I've prepared!


Well, that's good to hear, for once. Alright, last but not least, Luigi. I've entrusted a very important task to you. is our special character coming along?


Sir, you'd be happy to know the character is now complete! I promised I wouldn't let you down! Here, it would be my honor if you would take this sneak peak...


Wow! I am in awe! That has turned out even better than my expectations. This is going to be huge. Now...lastly, I'd like to confirm and estimated release date of this project.



Our estimate is quarter three of 2009, Mr. Yoshi.


Wow! That isn't very far-off at all! Thank you all! You are free to go now. Please feel free to stay and enjoy the complimentary refreshments. Also, don't forget to sign your name on the attendance sheet!


...Finally, waste of time...


Uh, excuse me, Mr. Yoshi, do you have a moment?


Certainly, what's going on?


I seem to have misplaced my notes from some of my previous meetings. Would you mind telling me again...who is the
mystery character we've just shown? And who exactly was narrating the previous C3 trailer?


Oh, no problem at all. You see, the identities of those individuals are-

Awesomeness. And you could kinda expect it to cut off at the ending, if a question like that was asked. XD

Good fucking bye.
Your skills of making hacks and showing the progress of your hacks in hilarious dialogues never fails to amaze me.
That cutscene sprite... Wow. And all those new levels look awesome as well. I can't wait for the final release!

My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Epic. Very epic :)

Usually I don't play SMW hacks. But this looks really promising. Good luck!
Epic? epic! EPIC!

This was really fun to read, I love the way you show how progress is going, it really keeps our attention.

As for the new ASM feature (scrolling text, selectable parts) that is full of win!

I can safely say that the levels are beyond awesome as I have beta tested some of them, the side missions give the game a whole new fun factor and can't wait to play the new things!

Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
Everything looks superb, Golden Yoshi, as always. My only complaint goes to the palette for the background shown by this screenshot:

I don't think it matches too well with the foreground itself, so I myself would tweak it a little, if I were you.

Other than that, everything else looks amazing - keep up the fantastic work! ;)

Also, I'm pretty sure I know who that mysterious character is... XP
My oh my. Very groovy. Positively covered from end to end with grooves.
Awesome!!! ! Your hack's great! congratulations!
wow this is going to be absolutely amazing!

I totally spam played the demo =P
Spectacular work, Golden Yoshi! The Level design seems solid, and all these new powerups, bosses and other ASM hacks are sure to enhance the experience. Also, that mystery character is.....mysterious...I guess. I wonder who it is..
In case no one realized...

You can deduce the wizard's name from that sheet. ;)
You have never ceased to surprise me Golden Yoshi. The way you presented your new information and content is far more entertaining than last C3. You sure are a pro at presenting information :D.

The level themselves are pure brilliance themselves. Your ASM skills are amazing, and you have created items that I would never had thought possible in a Super Mario World game. The cutscene sprite is pure epicness, and without a doubt....that will make your hack stand out even more than though possible.

Great work GoYo, you deserve all the praise.
Looking good... Looking really, REALLY good! In fact... Looking AWESOME! Not much more to say.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
The hack looks awesome!
Sexy presentation. Really well done, and really made me want to read through it all. Heck, you may be a shoe-in for the best presentation award.

Either way, looking awesome as usual. The Lakilester addition is great - cameos from other characters seem to work extremely well for this hack. The screenshots are generally excellent, although I do agree with Broozer on that BG palette (why I did not notice this earlier is rather beyond me, but oh well).

Other that that, superb job. Loving all of the extra characters and features you are cramming into this!
Even though I don't hack or play Super MArio World, I would like to say this:

Golden Yoshi, your marvellous hacking skills never cease to amaze me ^_^Free counters!
Shame on all of you for letting this thread get buried to page 2. :[

But anyway...

Goyo, what else can I say but, Awesome.

Presentation made me beam with pride, the screenies exemplified ExGFX mastery, and the potential features mentioned in the hack may be outstanding enough to merit a win (Other C3 competitors: Bring the competition. This may be a top placer).

Just one suggestion: Darken the gray blocks. A bit of an eyesore, but nice stoic touch.


I lol'd at your board meeting, since it was cleverly thought out properly and grabbed my attention enough to get me to log on and comment.

However! that is not the only reason I decided to log in, no. It was because the fact that you are using FuSoYa's atrocious Sand FG. It lack details and shading on the edges. Did I just want to complain about it and leave you to fix it? No. I am willing to give you a nice beach tileset ripped from Kdl3 and edited that you could use it with the SMW Map16.

Also, you should remove the ASMer's name from your video so he doesn't get spammed to hell by requests from noobs/idiots. Yeah credit is cool, but sometimes it's better to leave someone out so you don't kill a mockingbird (horrible literature reference everyone).

Anyway, You said you removed the problem of losing a key by a mushroom, so this will bring me to play it once again. Good Luck

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
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