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SMW2+3: The Essence Star: Board Meeting

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Originally posted by TLMB
I lol'd at your board meeting, since it was cleverly thought out properly and grabbed my attention enough to get me to log on and comment.

However! that is not the only reason I decided to log in, no. It was because the fact that you are using FuSoYa's atrocious Sand FG. It lack details and shading on the edges. Did I just want to complain about it and leave you to fix it? No. I am willing to give you a nice beach tileset ripped from Kdl3 and edited that you could use it with the SMW Map16.

Also, you should remove the ASMer's name from your video so he doesn't get spammed to hell by requests from noobs/idiots. Yeah credit is cool, but sometimes it's better to leave someone out so you don't kill a mockingbird (horrible literature reference everyone).

Anyway, You said you removed the problem of losing a key by a mushroom, so this will bring me to play it once again. Good Luck

Well, Romi knows I was giving him credit before I posted the video. If he wants me to remove his name from it, all I has to do is tell me. However, he has not said anything. I am not one for someone to make a burdensome and time-consuming addition to my hack and take all the credit for myself, so Romi absolutely deserves to be credited. Also, I specifically asked no one request the sprite from either me or Romi. That's good enough, in my opinion.

And since everything thinks that screen looks atrocious and grotesque and is the worse thing they've ever seen, that'd be nice if you could provide me with the tileset you mentioned. ^_^
This looks AWESOME. I can't wait to play this.
Check out my Youtube page
Taking a small break
This will be epic.

I love this hack.

I want more board meeting coverage!
The sand sucks....

Just kidding, I really like the idea. I hope to see the game finished sometime soon :)
Working on something!

Better than the cape!

Wow, Golden Yoshi! Absolutely Spectacular! This Is The Most Awesome Hack I've Ever Seen!

Anyways, I played completely through the previous demo, and absolutely CANTWAIT for this one. The cut scene sprite is amazing! It kindof gives a Cave Story type feel.

Taking ExGFX ripping/making requests, as well as pallete requests.

ExGFX:Jenka's Character Portrait, Custom detailed ground tileset, Cave-story style ExGFX, and Replacements for SMW sprites (V. 1.0) Update coming!

Documents: A tutorial for Iceguy's levelnames

Hacks I support:

I LOL'ed at that meeting, especially how the characters acted. I really liked when the 35mm film tape was cut out, leading to a blank screen.
This looks badass, GY. Can't wait for it to come out later this year. Nice idea with the video, too.
<TLMB> I use YY-CHR to edit DNA
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