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Mario Chronicles 1 -Bowser's empire-

This is the same hack iv'e been working on. (Mario chronicles bowser's return) i changed "Return" to "Empire" because i thing "Return" is used way too much. anyways, i can't use custom music anymore because it crashes a level now :( so i have to use regular music.. Ready for some screenshots?

New Mario walking poses, status bar, and red coins.

Non eye searing pallets, just the right values.

random picture of him sliding.

hammer bros. in the first level.

Bonus area with a red coin.

Guess what this is.

First castle.

Raccoon Mario! Yay!

Mario staring at morton.

comments and opinions would be nice.

Raccoon Mario! Yay!

Ummm, is it me or is the Raccoon tail on his throat...O.O
I really like the palettes and the levels look awesome. :3
Only thing that hurts my eyes just abit (may justy be me) is the BG of the Red Cave.

Edit: lol ponytail X3
Mario looks weird. And this hack looks awesome.
Good fucking bye.
i'll try to fix these things. thanks for letting me know.
I think the Mario looks very nice ;)
iv'e made some custom castle tiles. (Took me about 2 hours.)

Did you make those Mario poses? I love them? If you made them, can I use it? If you didn't, where did you get them?

Gah, I suggest a deep dark orange color that blends a bit better for both the FG and BG.

As for your custom tiles, they look great! Good job!

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
C3 booth the 14th

The clock is advancing toward the end of C3. This convention does not look too large, but my progress between the tables and across the floor is slow. Maybe I brought too much stuff. I look at another set of screenshots. Do I have time to stop here? I notice that I have already stopped...

Another game, another set of screenshots, like any other set of screenshots at any other booth. I look for anything that might be different. I see that Mario looks different. "Mario Chronicles 1: Bowser's Empire" also has some red coins and a different use for Morton, so I learn from the screenshots.

The sign says that Bowser's Empire has "regular music" because custom music would crash some level. I stop to think. Something must be wrong with the tools, either the music tools or the level tools. I hope that for my own SMW hack, I will have control of the tools. I hate to think that tools can actually prevent hackers from, in this case, hacking the music.

When I play SMW hacks, will I find that each game is worse than it should be, because the tools interfered with the hacker's intentions? Will each tool be the ally, or the enemy? My mind holds these questions until I reach the next booth...

Hacking Super Mario World since 28 February 2009

BG pallet fix
(Also, custom cave tiles!)

Raccoon tail fix
Originally posted by DragonFire678

Guess what this is.

Eye-searing? But seriously, this doesn't look too bad.
Beta tester is wanted! i'm only having 2.