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Super Mario - The Lost World (Unofficial Demo)

A few years ago, I started a hack called Super Mario - The Lost World. I made a few levels and posted a few screenshots, then I became too pre-occupied with other things, some of which included making custom sprites and others having to do with real life. A few weeks ago, I promised myself that once I was finished with my online BG Ripping tool, I would continue working on my hack, and that's what I did.

Here's an old thread about this hack

So, here's my (working) story:
Bowser kidnapped peach and took her to his castle on a cursed island. Mario must travel to the island and rescue her by defeating Bowser. To lift the curse, he must also defeat King Boo, who inhabits a small volcanic island just off the coast of the main island.

It's not a very original storyline, but it's probably going to be changed in some ways. I'm open to suggestions on this.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to make the "curse" work yet. I might remove the entire concept altogether.

Also, I don't have a title screen level or intro level yet, but I most likely will when finish the first official demo.

Since this isn't an official demo, I didn't submit it to the hacks section. I do not want it in the hacks section until I finish the first official demo, which will probably be once I finish the second world.

My main goal in making this hack is to make each level have its own unique BG. I have a patch that allows me to bypass BG map16 pages, and also gives me 2 more ExGFX files of space in specific levels (by slightly re-arranging the VRAM)

Here are some screens:

Use a spin jump to pound that log.

So I ended up using the first one (but I'll probably use the second one somewhere else in the hack)

I changed the BG in this area since the other one seemed too dragon-head-ish (see this screen)

...and here's an OW screenshot: (no submaps yet)

Download here:
EDIT: updated link again

Some of my older levels might not be so good, so I'm open to suggestions on levels too.

EDIT: one more thing I forgot to mention: My demos for this hack will be locked, but the final version will most likely be unlocked.
That looks pretty good, edit1754. I really like the graphics and the overworld, although I think the latter could use just a little bit more decoration.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
The graphics are the awesomeness. Seriously, they are some of the greatest graphics in a Mario hack.
Good fucking bye.
Graphical rips are your specialty obviously. You never cease to impress me with those.
I really like the overworld. It looks long, but good!
Check out my Youtube page
Taking a small break
Just a thing I found that you might want to fix:

You might not want to have that midway point placed on a screen boundary...

Also, could you please tell me where the key in the first level is located? I found the hidden passage in the underground cavern, but there is only a pipe leading back to the main level at the end of it...
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hmmm... that's odd... I have a custom sprite that turns into a key if there isn't already a key present (just so you can't have 2 keys by leaving and re-entering the area), but it doesn't seem to be working. I'll fix it and update the download link.
Whoah! Whoah! Even though those SMW2-graphics just look "OK", not more, your background really look amazing! And I mean it! Going to play this.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
Also, is the demo supposed to end at the first castle?
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Ok, I uploaded the fixed demo. The key should now appear and the midway point glitch should be gone.

Yes, this is just a one-world demo.
The pipe in Mushroom Secret 3 that you need a P-Switch for doesn't seem to work. Is it supposed to work?
Good fucking bye.
I haven't played all the way through that level recently
*updates download link again*
Is the normal exit of Mushroom Secret 1 supposed to lead to Mushroom Secret 2? I got the secret exit first, and when I went back to get the normal, it did absolutely nothing...
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For some reason I placed a secret exit goal point at the end instead of a normal exit.

*updates download link again*
Man, edit, you're having problems with this!
Good fucking bye.
Well, with that new update I have now finished the demo, and I have to say that it seems to be the start of a really good hack, made even better by your amazing backgrounds. I am really looking forward to see how this will progress.
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I played the hack, it's great. Your custom sprites amaze me and your graphics, they impress me as always. Your ExGFX is always so complete.

Good hack. :)

Amazing Hack. Good graphics, custom sprites and tilesets.
Congratulations edit1754!
your level design is very good! Nice graphics and custom sprites!
The only problem is that hack is very short. But this hack is awesome!

Level Design: 8/10 - Because your level is a bit short andoneseveral glitch.
Graphics: 10/10 - Very good graphics! Your patch thatadd 2 extraexgfx page is very good! you can submit to this site one day?
Custom Sprites: 7/10 - Well,in castle,dinamic sprites cause several glitches:

Very slowdown here.

Slowdown cause cutoff Yoshi coin

Several glitch caused by use of several dinamic sprite
Oh my god! What´s happen?
In my hack,when i using various dinamic sprites,this happen.

But this is a good work edit1754.Please fix this glitch.

Although it looks good, I have to say some of those BG's clash quite a bit. Otherwise, looks excellent.

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