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A Plumber's Peril - Adventure on Iredescent Island

Well, for the 5th time, I've given my hack a revamp. One level of good goodly goodness.

Story: Mario and Luigi attend the annual Plumber's Convention as guests of honor. However, when they arrive, the convention director, master plumber Phil, has gone missing! A note is left, assumed to be from Bowser, stating he's holding him hostage for Princess Peach. He says to bring her to Iridescent Island in 2 hours. Mario treks off to defeat bowser once again, with a little help from his pal Yoshi.

8 worlds, 2 hours. Can you do it?


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New Title Screen
NOTICE: There's a mistake. Luigi is not actually in this game. AND: 2007-2008. Lol...

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Homemade Cutscenes FTW

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Oh No! Enemies have overrun the dock!

Image Hosted by

But when you defeat them, you can continue!

Image Hosted by

Here's the raft. Go Mario!

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Here we are! Strawberry Plains. Bowser's note stated we need to go to Camne (cam-nay) Cave.

Uh-oh, the entrance to Camne Cave is blocked off. We'll just have to head to Goomba Town to find it

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I wonder why that flower is blue?

Image Hosted by
Because it turns you into Aqua Mario. (I have no idea why I changed it, but still)

Image Hosted by
The block cracks when you hit it, then becomes brown.

Three Way Pipe system:

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
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All that in the introductory Level! Now let's head on down to the first area!

Image Hosted by

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Black and white FTW

Image Hosted by
I wonder why this triangle doesn't work? Hmm...

From here, you can head to the easier Green Gardens, or the more difficult Mushroom Loop. But both lead to...

Image Hosted by

After you defeat the miniboss(es)...
Image Hosted by

... you get to Goomba Town!
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Now where's that Camne Cave entrance...


Custom Specs:
Blocks: Yes
Sprites: Yes
Music: Unfortunately, no
ASM: <.< >.> Maybe...
HDMA: I actually have no idea what it is, so... no.

So, questions? Comments? Flames? Eyebleed Palettes? (I tried my best, and my eyes don't particularly hurt looking at these palettes, so..... T_T)

More tomorrow (hopefully, I may forget)
Originally posted by Icemask
Eyebleed Palettes?

...Indeed; also may I add the cloud background in the first few images is a bit broken around the edges, and a few of the images especially the raft one are really quite empty.
It's not that they hurt, it's that they don't look too good. The palettes don't really blend together well.

Mario, I, Irredescent, and Island should be capatilized.

The tree goes in front of the ground. I assume Mario can go through it. It would be odd for Mario to walk on the top platform and fall through the tree. I suggest giving it layer priority, making the bottom half of the top of the tree solid, and raise the platform to the right of it. That way, Mario can walk behind it.

Whatever will Mario do if he is small and he beat the boss on the left side of the stage?

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
1 - I'm not using a custom font. I'm using the one originlly in SMW. It didn't have capitals.

2 - The "Top Platform" Is the background. It's a whole lot easier to tell in game.

3 - That's a make able jump. I've tested it a million times.

Palettes: I've actually worked on them since the screenshots.

Finally: Oh crap! The cloud background is broken! (embarassed)
Originally posted by Icemask
Oh crap! The cloud background is broken! (embarassed)

Don't give up - this hack could use some work, but the idea is good!
I'm just wondering... but how could you not have noticed that your background was glitched? Also the text in the first screenshot is too clustered.
Originally posted by Agent Q
I'm just wondering... but how could you not have noticed that your background was glitched? Also the text in the first screenshot is too clustered.

Yeah, that's a pretty big thing not to notice. But you do have some good ideas here.