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Dinomar's stuff...

Acc... i haven't prepared ready stuff for C3:

I have few things, though, but i don't think i will relase anything than this.

I have few screenshot of this hack:

I have used file bin because the hack has still too many bugs to be accepted in the site, but i hope you enjoy it anyway :D

For now this is what i needed to show.
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Looks pretty good so far. Nice to see you are sticking with one style of graphics (Yoshi's Island) and not going off on some crazy tangent. I'd say my only complaint is that the screenshots you have taken seem to lack decorations. What would be nice is if you are able to extract the flowers/crystals/etc. decorations from the appropriate YI tilesets and put them in here.

Good stuff, other than that.
LOL, the koopas without shells are naked XD Good stuff here.
Well, about decoration: it is matter of GFX space and map16: for now, with map16 i have not problem, the problem is the GFX space: FG2, for example, is used for custom block graphics: i will do the possible, though.

And naked koopas? Icegoom made them, you can find the GFX in the following section XD

Don't worry: koopas are not mammals, but dinosaurs... *shot*
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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
Great! Dinomar has a new hack project! I like the SMB3 music-YI graphics matching. And your level design is very good now again!
Also, I found a little error:

Those half-trees are a bit strange.
Apart from this, it's very nice. :)

Well, at least it LOOKS like it...
Good fucking bye.
Hey Dinomar, I noticed another thing that I found nitpicking:

Part of the BG stands out discolored. D:
CrispyYoshi: Thanks for your notice! I haven't noticed it too!

Well: i have another thing to show you now: a joke hack!
You will get surprised by this because is unique: anyone have got my idea, ANYONE!

Guys, this is the frist SMW hack of the story that has tile 25 acting like a.... not telling this....
Here you go!

and some screens of my hack:

Pipegrove Mount and Tankemerald hills

Platfall Yard City (Aka Emeroad City) and its sewers (graphics from Metal Slug series)

Torra Emeralda and Forgotten Emerald

Albatrax Marblosa and its caves

Marbled Valley and Ruined Ruins (this is the name because the daughter of Grisba transformed some rocks of those ruins to lava)

Albatrax Marblosa part 2 (with custom sprite with custom body graphics for goonies) and Misty Bog

Hope you like those stuff!
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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
what does tile 25 act like? I must know! well, I guess I'll find out soon enough.
Dinomar, those levels are very well designed. And once you said the level was called Misty Bog and I saw the screenshot, I thought of Spyro. Bravo!
Just back here to browse a bit.
The graphics here look really great, Dinomar. I know some of these are rips, but your own graphic-making skills have gotten really good over the past several months. Keep up the good work!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.

Dinomar, your demo looks pretty good. All levels have their own puzzles, being the level design unlinear. There are some small bugs that happened to me, but they didn't affected the gameplay, because I could still beat the game. The overworld looks good.

For the bugs: When you stomp the koopas, they draw the original graphic, making it strange. In the other levels, beside what Hadron pointed, I didn't find bugs, but in the Virtual Fort..

Layer 3 Crusher + Message Box Glitch
Small Cutoffness
There's no way how to don't notice this cutoffness
The classic vertical level garbage BG to play the tile 25 hack that I've only seen now.

That is why that f**k of SP1 doesn't load the ExGFX: this should be a SMW glitch!!

Also, thanks for reporting this :D

New Dinomar graphics: also, this shows how i will use Pacha from "Emperor's new groove" in a hack not started yet: "Super Emperor's new groove", a "joke" hack where Mario (yes, Super Mario) with Bowser will take away the empire of Kuzco and will transform the Kuzco in a llama again. So, Kuzco, with Pacha, will escape from the empire and they will end in a portal leading to Green Hill zone where Sonic The hedgehog will help them to reach again the emperor and defeat Mario and Bowser.

A pretty unusual plot XD

This is Kuzco llama i have done.
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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
Nice graphics, keep up the good work. Also, I liked the concept of "Tile 25", it's very original.