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SMW2 Yoshi's Revenge: 1-3 Stuff

It's time that I showed some stuff for this C3, so I'm deciding to do 1-3 excerpts from my Yoshi's Island hack.

More to come later!
It's nice to see you using the Flower Tileset, although from what I can see now, try not to use Stone Blocks as often, maybe some platforms will look better instead.

Not much to say about 3 screenshots, so well done so far.
The unused red mountain BG looks kind of weird with the green flower FG. I would use a different palette for that and see if it looks better.

Other than that, pretty good start - nothing looks overly bad, and your sprite placement is decent enough. I'll have to give this a try once you have a demo out.
Good, so far. The sprite choice seems good, as it is going with the feel of the enviroment, as shown by those screenshots. Looking forward to a demo.
looks nice

i've never played a Yoshi's Island Hack so it is interesting.
Final two screenshots!

And it's time you met the one and only....

As you can see, this room uses the palette from 4-3.

And I should've told you this before in my real thread in YI Hacking, but I never had the time to, so I'll tell it now.
I'm releasing a 4-level demo after I'm done with 1-4.
Those screenshots look nice. The enemy placement and choices, as well as the palettes look good here too. And it's good to hear that you're releasing a 4 level demo!