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Super Mario's Island Hopping Adventure

Heh, due to various things happening in my life I really haven't worked that much on it. But, I do have something I want to ask you all about, before I continue on.

You might remember at last year's C3, I had posted some shots showing new graphics for Mario: modified animations from SMAS SMB2 and Super Mario Advance. Well, I've become a bit unsure as to whether or not I should continue making those graphics. This is because that, between all the various "expansion" sheets made on the internet, none of them have all the animations needed for Super Mario World. (Note that I am removing all the cutscenes due to Luigi physics being incompatible and the fact that worlds 2 through 7 are totally nonlinear, plus two worlds having doomships instead of castles)

So, I'm asking people what direction I should take in regards to the player graphics in SMIHA:

Option A is the same thing I showed at C3 last year: edited SMAS SMB2/SMA graphics. This will be the hardest to do considering that at least 30% of Mario's graphics will have to be custom made, and 75% of Luigi's graphics will have to be custom made.
Option B is an all-new custom graphic set by Guss. He has made a few sheets on MFGG that are viable candidates for use in Super Mario World in terms of animations and dimensions. However there are no cape graphics, but instead Raccoon Mario graphics - which means I will be applying the Raccoon powerup xkas to SMIHA and replace the cape. (This will probably fix the hilariously bad cape physics for Luigi...)

So, which one is better: A, or B?

I like A better. There is just something strange about B.
I was working on Guss's Mario to rip to submit as a C3 project. :3
Anyway, I pick B
Originally posted by Flandre Scarlet
I like A better. There is just something strange about B.

I agree , the A is better
While option B feels out of the norm, I'm really not sure I like the look of it. Option A feels more traditional, and looks more polished overall, so I would say go with that.
B feels more original, buit still I like A better.