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Would you Rather....
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The Would You rather game!

RULES: Someone says a would you rather. The next person answers it and so on. YOU MUST GIVE A LOGICAL TWO SENTENCE REASON WHY YOU CHOSE YOUR CHOICE!!! You ARE allowed to have multiple choices if you want to
And also:

example: my friend can take it off for me! I'll wear earmuffs!
NO! Thats not what this game is intended for!

Let-a us begin!


1)play this game

2)be at c3
Goodness! This is an impossible question! You see, I'd rather be at C3 because it is hacking related, is more enjoyable, and lets me know what others are up to. However, because I took the time to leave C3 and answer this question, this implies that I'd rather play this game.

Would you rather drink a bottle of ink, or get permabanned from SMWC?

World Community Grid: Thread | Team
Ink is poisoness, right? I guess that means I'd rather get permabanned, since that wouldn't put me in a casket. I've been waiting much too long to leave my house and I'm not killing the effort! =) (ugh I still have another 1 and a half years to go. -_-)


1) Watch Barney
2) Watch The Wiggles
I would rather watch Barney because at least he's old, and the wiggles are gayer than he is, because they are actual people.

Would you rather:

1)Eat 28 hotdogs and have a 100% chance of throwing up at least 9 times
2)Eat a turd and only throw up one time, maybe

Your layout has been removed.
I would rather eat the hotdogs cause, I mean it is better than a turd! But throwing up 9 times? Will that really happen? So I would rather eat hotdogs, 28 of them.

WYR (Would You Rather)

1. Have you're eyes, nose, and lips cut off/out with a knife slowly....
2. Have everyone hate you and spit at you and just want you out of their sight.

This is gonna be a hard one. By slowly I mean SLOW!
Have everyone hate me and spit at me and just want me out of their sight.


Have a wad of $200 in your fist.
Have a person you are dating with kiss you. (That means in your lips and includes tongue! :P)

Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
Check the rules. You need to post why you choose what you choose.

Anyway, 1. I would far prefer money than being kissed, as I'm not really into girls (Don't take this the wrong way!), and would prefer $200 to blow on Wii games.

Your layout has been removed.
Hehe where's your question?

1) Betray a family member.
2) Betray your best friend.

A family member, their way more forgiving.


1) kill a whole litter of puppies

2) kill a whole litter of kittens

Tag (span) was not closed.

2. Well, if I really had to do this I'd say kittens cuz im more of a dog person... :(

(also, lol'd at how you said "Betray family member", Diamond! Watch out BY! XD )


1.yank your tongue out

2.yank 5 teeth out with a door
2. Yank 5 teeth out w/a door:

I would like to keep my ability to talk (and it would take a lot of yanks to pull out my tongue, while I'd only need a few door shuts for my teeth).

Now, would you rather:

1. Smash into a tree at 70 mph (I think that's close to 100 kmph) and live with injuries from it

2. Fall off of a 50 foot (roughly 20 meter) cliff and live with injuries from it

3. Have no further injury in your life, but only live for the next 5-10 years (no way to tell when you will die in that span).


View my YouTube channel here!
View my website here! i'll go with 1 a tree will do some damage but falling of a cliff could kill and number one is something that i might do (cause i can't drive lol)


1 Evade Taxes
2 Evade the cops

Hack progress -2% psh....
Advance wars 2 hack-0% again psh
Shining force 2 hack: still TBA

"Those who stand in the way of virtue shall fail"

BEATEN! I would evade cops because I already do. I evade them because they piss me off.


1. Die from a family member.

2. Die from watching a scary movie with you're family.
Simplebag: Yep, I'll deffinitely have to watch out for her! xD

Die from watching a scary movie, I wouldn't want any of my family members to hate me enough so they would kill me. D=


1) Eat ten huge boxes of raisens
2) Eat 5 cans of clam chowder.
Eat ten huge boxes of raisens. Because they are good for you. I also like the taste.


1.Make a cool hack and be a mod of this site.
2.Not have the above, but have a lot of friends, including a mod and a admin of this site.
3. Don't pick this choice. Get killed by a car.
4. *shot*
Um, I don't get the point of 3 & 4, but I'll choose #1: that's sort of my goal here.

Would You Rather...

1. Eat the wrapper of every wrapped food item, not the actual food


2. Be forced to eat your least favorite food instead of being able to eat any wrapped food when unwrapped?


View my YouTube channel here!
View my website here!
I'll pick 2. I don't really get what it means that well, but it sounds better than 1.

Would you rather gargle diarrhea or eat your own vomit after it's been sitting out on the lawn for a day?
I'd rather eat my puke(depends on what I ate previously). Also because diarrhea is disgustingly putrid.


Be rich an miserable.
Poor and happy.
I am level 8 and proud to be an elephant!
Misc Info 2

Poor and happy. I'd choose happiness over wealth any day. Plus, being poor can be a boost in moral character.

Would you rather...
Get a new iPhone or a DSi? (Assuming you don't have either.)
Get a new DSi. I was always a fan of the ds, but ever since I heard about the DSi in japan, I thought "Hey, that would be cool!". So that is why I am gonna get the DSi.


1. Have a 1.0 rated hack.

2. Have no hacks.
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