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Chaotic realm demo release!

Chaotic realm
c3 demo
click here!
well, after some months, i release a 4 level demo of chaotic realm.
the plot of chaotic realm its simple, mario go to chaotic realm to stop the evil t.takemoto, the creator of kaizo.
this hack have 2 endings.

P.S. the muncher blocks don't do anything, just teleport to a room with a ? sphere.

also, please reply.
I do pixels sometimes
Cool! I bet many have waited long for this demo, including me!
I am really exited what chaotic things I'll see in this hack...
Excellent game. Apart from a few mistakes here and there, this is really a masterpiece. Keep up the good work!
thank you, a little but positive comments its better than a ton of negative comments.
I do pixels sometimes
This was really fun, and I was sad it was only 4 levels...
Good fucking bye.
what is this?

yes, i started to work with the muncher blocks.

the happy chaos secret path.
I do pixels sometimes
C3 booth the 26th

My tour of C3 has become a race to collect and try each new game before the convention closes.

As I start "Chaotic Realm" differs from the other new games in my bag of C3 collectibles.

I know the answer! In Chaotic Realm, everything becomes munchers.

My bag munches the demo of "Chaotic Realm", and I munch toward the next booth...

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