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Mario Explores Hyrule (Released Hack!)

Okay about 2 weeks ago I was about to start making a zelda level for my Nostalgia World hack. When I got a little bit into it I realized that the overall plan was to make it pretty big and it was eating up a lot of my map 16 space. I then had an idea, why not expand the level into a small hack? I didn't decide right away, but eventually after making a few level sections I went for it.

I had to work VERY fast to get this ready for C3, and actually it is still only about 95% done. I need to add and alter some things. This update will come quickly.

This hack has no story really, you play as mario who finds himself in Link's world of Hyrule. All the graphics come from Zelda 2 on the NES.

This is a long level hack with no check points it contains 13 sections some short and some long. This game was meant to be a throwback to old classic games where it took you multiple tries before you beat it, and if you lose all your lifes you start at the very beginning. The difference is you have no lives!

Alright so it sounds like a real unfair game, but there is more to explain, the health patch is used, giving a much better shot at beating the final dungeon. You can extend your HP to a total of 9 (start with 3) by finding heart pieces.

This game was tested by me alone, therfore there may be some errors that I am unaware of. If you find any please let me know via PM. (Realize I already know a few exists)


Now Here is the download!


Now for a challenge to anyone who decides to play this, The first person to beat the game (no ending actually the final room is red and contains a new enemy) and notify me (in any way with proof) will get exclusive details on the final version and info on Nostalgia World.

Good Luck! (a screenshot of the final level will suffice)

NOTE: I made this thread while half asleep, so please excuse any spelling and grammer mistakes.

the game is broken.

once you get the orange item(map?) in the blue/purple castle (the one with the alternating on off bricks), you get teleported back to the previous room (right before the autoscroll area that leads to the said item) and causes an infinite loop. its probably just a simple mistake of choosing the wrong secondary exit, but it NEEDS to be fixed.

considering this notification of my 'beating the game'. i got to the end- not the end you intended - but the end of the hack none the less.

also, i highly recommend adding a new intro screen and overworld. although there is only 1 level, entering the game from yoshi's island doesnt give the player high hopes.
good game overall, you just need to fix up that loop error, and possibly raise the time limits in some areas. better yet, change the time limit to 0; it was getting really annoying after a while to die from that so far into the game.
Ah thanks for finding that, you were real close to the end.
Those were wall kick boots which let you kick off any wall you use that to kick up to the final encounter.

It should be fixed here: Updated!

As for the overworld I had one with exgfx but after patching my hack the original level wouldn't load instead only level 0 would load, I was confused and had to use my backup instead.

That counts as beating the game I'll message you the reward later.

Time wasn't supposed to be an issue I only didn't set it to 0 because I didn't want that "time up" when you die popping up. (Still new at applying patches)

Thanks for playing!
C3 booth the 2nd

"Mario Explores Hyrule", the sign proclaims. This table has another IPS patch, so I try this game too.

I make a few attempts at the game. My last attempt has the most progress, but I ultimately have too much trouble with an enemy that throws red things, and Mario dies after collecting one candle.

I notice the contest to be the first player to complete the game, but I have no time for that now.

C3 is not over and I have other booths to visit...

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