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Princess Peach in: The Great Escape! (Pics)

If you think it's the same old story, think again!

Story (well, what at least would constitute as one): Peach, sick and tired of Bowser kidnapping her all the time, decides to take matters into her own hands and escape on her own, without needing help from Mario.

This is a one-level hack, BTW.


Custom Music: YES
Custom Sprites: YES
Custom Blocks: NO (as of this post, anyway)

Now for the screens:

Intro (Yes, I know that the status bar and message palettes suck, blame the GFX palette.)

Title Screen (Yes, I know that parts of "The" and "Escape" look like crap. I was lazy :P)


Normal Peach.

Super Peach.

Fire Peach. (I'm thinking of changing the fireballs to vegetables a la SMB2 and Smash Bros.)

Raccoon Peach.

Stunned by a Thwomp.


Spin jumping on a Thwomp. (Also, yes, I know Peach's name isn't pink. I forgot to change it for this particular part of the level.)

What does this do?


Credits\Stuff used:

Ladida: Peach Graphics
Pac and Andy: Raccoon Mario Patch
edit1374: No Sprite Tile Limits Patch
Ersanio: P-Meter Patch
Alaric and Ersanio: One Player only Patch
MetaKnight: FG and BG ExGFX
S.N.N.: Super Mario Land Ruins BGM
MidiGuy: SMB3 World 8 OW Music
mikeyk: SpriteTool
Aiyo: Addmusic Revx
Smallhacker: SMW Misc. Text Editor
smkdan: SMW Free Space Logger
byuu: Xkas
FuSoYa: Lunar Address, LunarIPS and Lunar Magic

I hope to have a demo ready either tonight or tomorrow.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. :)

And here's a support userbar:

And the code:

this looks really good. didn't really see any problems except the status bar color which you pointed out, and the weird palette
Other than what Xman said, my only problem is the title screen. D:
Originally posted by Quizler
Other than what Xman said, my only problem is the title screen. D:

Hmmm... forgot to mention that. Just shows how good my memory is.
*hit myself on head with hammer*

New title screen (WIP)
But the pink in the lettering looks kinda weird.
Originally posted by Remilia Scarlet
But the pink in the lettering looks kinda weird.

Does this look better?
I think the pink looks better :P.

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Well, I have to say, that looks very interesting. I like the storyline especially; somebody should have done that a long time ago. (I guess I'd always just assumed Peach was a pansy, or she would have tried something like this already.) I also like the title screen. You should make it longer than one stage, though, in my opinion.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Why do people always use those kind of letters below princess peach for titles?! I see it all the time and I don't like it.

Also! I liked the Pink in the first screen.