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SMW2 Bowsers Island (Demo 2 Available!!)

My hacking project of YI as seen on the YI boards :) but before I start:

Originally posted by SNN
The contest if for Super Mario World hacks. This is a Super Mario World hack with a 2 on it. Ahahahah haugasidas deal with it.

Heh, anyways, I have been working on this hack since last November and its turning out quite well. I hope to release the full version by the end of this year. Anyways, the download!


THINGS TO NOTE: Some levels like 1-1 or 1-2 have been slightly redesigned for the benefit.

The bonus logo is actually a playable level. Don't forget it!

Logos haven't been changed yet, I'll do them when I finish my hack.

Secret 1's midring hasn't been properly coordinated yet. As soon as I find the fix for it, I will fix it.

Taken from my thread on the YI boards.

The storyline...

This island is Baby Bowsers Island. The Yoshies plan to attack Bowser at his base with the help of Baby Mario. "Thanks Stork" The Yoshies called. So began the infiltration towards Baby Bowsers base. The Yoshies entered the hidden plains.

When you enter the practice level.

"Waaweegii" Mario mumbled. "WHAT LUIGI IS AT BABY BOWSERS BASE TOO!!"
Yes, indeed he was! Luigi was swiped. "Kaameek" Mario mumbled. "WHAT! KAMEK IS ALSO BEHIND THIS TOO" Yoshi yelled. "What a bother" Yoshi sighed. "All right, firstly I need to learn my moves in this practice level." Firstly, practice in this level before advancing to world 1.

So far that is my story. Not much but at least a story...

Some outdated screenies.

Most bugs seen in those screenshots are fixed. So don't worry about pointing any of those bugs.

Comments of criticism appreciated! Enjoy!
I've been waiting for another demo. I will edit this post later with comments and feedback.

EDIT: There were quite a few grammar issues. Try capitalizing the words better and, instead of "Bowsers Island", try "Bowser's Island". Some of the text (especially the intro level one) were a tad confusing to read. Also, I think you should add Yoshi's House att the beggining of the intro level, as it is quite empty in that place. I like the palette of 1-1, too. On 1-2, there are quite a few weird scrolling problems when climbing that mountain with the Chomp Rock. Also, on the cave part, there are some purple crystals that I'm not too found off. Maybe try a different color?
Erm, perhaps the save state won't work. I'd advise to replay because some stages have be redesigned.
Wow, awesome levels man. I've been waiting for this for ages! I liked Linda the Piranha's Lake!Free counters!
It looks pretty good so far. I only played the first level, but I quite like it. There were maybe some grammar issues, but the level design was good and unlinear. The second loks goood too, but I havent played everything yet. Keep it up!
The level name for 2-3 doesn't show upFree counters!
Ah yes, when I released the hack. I had changed the properties of 2-1 and 2-2 and so on. However at the time, I don't think I made the levels yet.
YAY! Second demo! I was following this hack for quite some time and I loved the first demo. I will play this one as soon as I come home! (i'm in school right now hinthint)
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