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The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles

Before anything, I'll just copy Mue and use this:

Originally posted by S.N.N.
The contest if for Super Mario World hacks. This is a Super Mario World hack with a 2 on it. Ahahahah haugasidas deal with it.


Some of you have heard and seen quite a bit from this hack. It has one of the biggest YI hack threads in the YI forum, so I guess people are pretty interested in it. And, for those who excitingly awaited for the demo that I announced: your wait is over. Yes, here I bring the 3 level demo I promised for C3. It is an honor to participate in this big convention, and I hope that at least somebody gets interested in this thread. Here are two videos from the hack:



Anyway, time for some general information:

- At the moment, 3 new brand-spanking levels and a preview of the fourth, courtesy of mine.
- All messages shown in the hack have been edited.
- New plot that seems to be rather different from some other YI hacks.
- Not yet, but will have edited GFX. Big things that I have in mind are some new level icons that I'll draw when I'm done with all the levels.

As just said, no GFX is edited yet, so please ignore that. Oh, and also ignore if the cutscene before the title screen doesn't go with the plot, as that has not been edited yet. Just please play the levels and enjoy them as much as you can.

So, the link some of you people have been waiting for a while:

The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles

I would like to thank S.N.N., Romi, Mattrizzle, Blumiere, Mue, Jeorge535, Fabio, Golden Yoshi, B.B Link, Brian Bennewitz and FuSoYa.

And the videos are linked because embeding them isn't working for some reason.

With that, I'm done for now.

EDIT: IPS patch updated. Get it from the same place.

EDIT2: Updated the link again.
Well, I just finished playing through this hack, and I have to say that I enjoyed playing it. The difficulty of this hack was pretty good too; it was a little bit more difficult than the original Yoshi's Island, but it's certainly not ridiculously hard, and each level seemed to be slightly more difficult than the last.

My only problem, however, was that the second level and the first part of the third level seemed to be very alike to the original levels. I mean, they had the same background and some of the same sprites. But it's not really that big a deal. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. :)

Also, It seems that the fourth level you're making is going to be a sewer level. I don't know too much about YI hacking, but I have heard that sewer levels can be quite difficult with Eggvine, so good luck making it. ;)
Thank you for the feedback, Jimmy. I was especially careful with the difficulty, and I even had to remake some parts to have a consistent difficulty. I also like that I made it harder than the original. About your problem with the similarity, I kind of know what you mean, but some were kind of on purpose. I kind of wanted to give the player and the levels a touch of familiarity, while still giving new challenges and surprises. I will most likely change some of the foreground palettes to seem more different on the next version, though. And it's nice to know that you really liked the hack, as I put quite some effort into it.

Thanks for wishing me good luck with the sewer level. Yeah, it is kind of frustrating at times to do a sewer in EggVine, and progress is a bit slow, but it's actually coming along nicely. :)
Lol SNN's quote is slowly becoming famous XD

Anyways, I'm going to play this right now and come up with constructive criticism.
Very nice hack, it's good to see you used various amounts of decorations in your 1-2, and the palettes where quite nice. 3 things I can think of that I didn't like:

  • Some weird scrolling in some areas
  • The pipe going downwards that suddenly shoots you upwards (1-3)
  • The transition from clouds to ground didn't really make sense, maybe have Yoshi fall to the ground instead of exiting to the right.

    Otherwise, well done.

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    Just finished, well done I really enjoyed every minute of it. I especially liked 1-1 and 1-3. 1-2 was a bit similar to the original but it doesn't matter. Still good ^_^ I also have some bugs to show you.

    This is a tad bit unfair. Perhaps change the spikes to normal ground?

    Perhaps you should move that cloud one space down because when you shoot it, the game pauses for a second. It's your opinion though.

    There are meant to be clouds there but the disappeared :< just move them horizontally or vertically.

    Otherwise great hack and keep it coming!
    Wow, criticism! Thank you both for that.

    Blumiere: It's really nice to know that you enjoyed the hack. Also, could you please tell me where there was weird scrolling? I don't think I experienced it a lot. About the 1-3 pipe, try to think of it like those houses in some areas of YIDS. There are houses that, when you enter them, they shoot you up in a rocket. ;)

    And thanks for letting me know about the transition problem. I'll update the patch.

    Mue: Nice! It's also very good to hear that you enjoyed the majority of it. About the area in the helicopter part with the spikes and the items, I did that because I wanted the player to slow down a bit and be careful. If more people complain about it, I'll change it. And thank you for noting me of the issue with the clouds. I'll move the 1-2 one a bit down, and move the 1-3 ones vertically. Thank you very much!

    EDIT: Updated the first post with the updated IPS patch. It is in the same link as before. If Blumiere shows me where there is weird scrolling, I'll updated it one more time.
    This looks like a lot of fun - I'll surely give this a go by tomorrow, considering that I am kind of busy by now. :\

    I should post a review or something in your hack thread within the Yoshi's Island Hacking forum, as soon as I play through it entirely, by the way. ^_^
    It's good to know that you are going to write a review! Also, shame you can't do it today... D:

    Anyways, it doesn't matter, as long as I get the feedback. :P
    The weird scrolling was mainly in 1-1, but playing through I realised most of them didn't impact much on the hack. Although, one of them annoyed me:

    Add an object in the screen above that pipe, because if you jump, the screen goes downwards quickly, then upwards as you go on.

    Like I said, the other scrolling issues were very minor.
    Thanks! The patch and the link are updated again, and this should fix all the problems.