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SNES Mouse [ASM]

I coded some ASM to read the SNES mouse data (from port 2) a while back. Recently I decided I should show an example of how it can be used:

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I implemented it to place blocks where you click on the screen. For some reason, the mouse was recorded slightly inaccurately, but the video still shows what I wanted it to. (I wish I could have finished a dynamic sprite mini-game with it in time, but whatever)

More developments on this coming soon...

That could make for some interesting puzzles.
Interesting, but I can't see what it could be used for in a real hack.
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Awesome! I never knew you could actually use the mouse in game :P.

This is epic. How do you actually control the mouse?
Seriously, you should release it.
Heh, this is actually an amazing ASM hack. You don't need Lunar Magic anymore; you could edit the game while playing it! Now, what about music, doors, and enemies...
I got to see this in #serioushax. While I'm still not entirely sure about practical purposes for this, there is definitely potential for someone with a creative mind. It's almost like having a crude DS stylus. Very impressive, regardless.

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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Lets hope if someone uses that in their hack and submits it, it doesn't get rejected because you can design glitches, Kaizo levels, and Stacked and Floating Munchers. :P

This is awesome! You could make puzzles with this (Use the mouse to restructure the level so you can get the item). I assume the player 2 controller controls the mouse. Good work!

With this, the complexity of puzzles in SMW Hacks would be incredible! If this could be used on custom blocks, the possibilities would be endless...

This is going on my "Top Favorites of C3" imaginary list right away.
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I'm imagining one hand on the mouse and one to control Mario's jumps and a slow scrolling level.
This + the Mario Kart sprite (Jump disabled)

This is so cool I hope you can add pretty much anything besides just blocks later.
Really man that's just AWSOME!
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

That is pretty freaking awesome.
this is far and away the most amazing thing i have ever seen in a smw hack. I doubt this will be released, but i cant help hoping so :P

amazing work!!!
This is more than epic.
Imagine the possibilities!
I really hope this is going to be released.

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my jaw dropped in awe. this the most impressive ASM hack Ive ever seen.. I think..

yo dawg i heard yo like hacking SMW so we put an ASM hack in you hack so yo can hack while yo test yo hack
That is freaking amazing man!!!
Good job on that, must have tooken a while
Holy sh*t! This is awesome! You can build a level during you playing. :P
wow that looks so awesome!
Add a slow auto-walk, disable all of Mario's controls except for jumping, and have blocks that can't be removed by the cursor, and this could be the base for an awesome semi-puzzle hack.
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Definatly the highlight of the C3 so far for me! :O