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Super Mario versus the Magnificent 7 (New Video and Screens)

New video link in next post!

Sorry about the lack of updates and about keeping this hack sort of a secret. But I found C3 as the perfect opportunity to release some information. Anyways, let's go on shall we?

Sampler Demo link can be found in the bottom of this post.

PLOT: Shortly after the events of Super Mario World a terrorist organization known as the Magnificent 7 assembled.

Seeing the great Mushroom Kingdom as a perfect home for their new "base" they kidnap just about every living thing in the Mushroom Kingdom. 3 days later, our hero Mario awakens in an unusual high-tech prison cell in some sort of metal flying ship.

Mario finds his way out through a conveniently located emergency chute and lands in some uncharted islands in an unexplored land... or is it?

I will also be remodeling my older levels to fit the style.
Sample #2 Coming soon!
It looks very good, but the BG's are too detailed, so they clash.

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Alright guys, if anyone is still there I have something to else to show, an actual video of one of the levels I previously showed some screenshots of. I call it the Ropewood Ridge.

Click here for video link!