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SNN's Misc. Thread of Misc. Miscs.

Hi. Welcome to my misc. thread, where I talk about all of my other stuff which is far, far less exciting than Final Destination. Most of you have most likely already seen the stuff shown here, but that is alright. If you haven't, then I welcome your comments and feedback. Let's start.

Mario's Keytastrophe:

Yellow Melody (switch) Palace. The gravity here is strengthed. The floors below you can only be broken if crashed upon from a certain height. This is the escape theme song I made for this palace when it "crumbles". It is a remix of the main palace theme used elsewhere in the hack.

Synthsine Wastelands. I have coded special turn block bridges here which have different properties depending on the switch setting. Nothing too exciting, although it leads to some pretty cool puzzles. The sign Mario is in front of is also readable, although I did not show the contents of it in the screen. Here is the level's theme song.

And of course, you can check out an old video of a church level I made here.

That is all I have ready for Mario's Keytastrophe. I really hope I have more time to work on this after my university is done at the end of this month.


Yoshi's Island: Forlorn Lands
(note: I realize some people wanted a demo of this. I do not have one ready. Sorry.)

Little taste of later on in 1-3.

Part of the first half of 1-5.

Second half of 1-5.

Beginning area of 1-6, my latest level.

And if you are not a frequent viewer of the YI section of the site, here is a video showing off 1-4, including a very brief sample of a new type of egg I am working on coding, the Ice Egg (seen at about 10 seconds in). Link.

Finally, I have an older video of a little sprite edit I did of the giant sewer ghost. Check it out if you haven't already.

That sums up Yoshi's Island: Forlorn Lands. Enjoy, and expect a one world demo very soon. Keep checking the YI hacking forum for updates!


Music Ports:

I realize there are some of you who did not know me from the time I joined this site. Back in 2007 and early 2008, I was a very avid music porter - in fact, I created the first English port, which was Mushroom/Rose Way from SMRPG (there were a bunch of Japanese ports before mine existed). In total, I have ported close to 250 songs, although the first hundred or so were pretty bad. Nowadays, I do not port as much - not because I have no interest in it, but because I have learned to create MP3s and MIDIs by ear. Therefore, all of my recent ports have been created 100% by me, straight down to the data resequence.

Anyway, enough lecturing. I might as well show off some of my recently submitted ports, and MP3s which are in line for porting.

All of the TXTs for the SPCs are available for download, except Route 12, which I just did yesterday. Note that I refuse to use Sample Tool unless I am making a song for myself only, as most people are incapable of figuring out the tool. Therefore, all of the SPCs are done purely with SMW instruments.

From newest to oldest:
Pokemon R/B/Y - Route 12
Cave Story - Scorching Back
Donkey Kong Land 2 - Flight of the Zinger
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Stone Holds a Grudge
Kirby's Dream Land 3 - Cloudy Park Map

Here are a couple MP3s in line for porting. Not all of them are finished.

Donkey Kong Land - Flooded Ruins
Super Mario Land 2 - Wario's Castle
Donkey Kong '94 - Desert Map
Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: Level 8 (Sword/Shield Maze)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Stage 2 (unfinished, done at Troopa's suggestion)
Mario and Luigi 3: "Gepu A" (unfinished, although if someone can get me the English translation of this track, I would be grateful.)

That sums up all of my recent music. If you would like to challenge the notes on any of my resequences, I will gladly accept it. I am not perfect, and may have messed up here and there (although I doubt you will find any. /me boasts).


Well, that sums up all of my misc. stuff. I hope you enjoy it all, and please drop your comments and feedback.
i really liked keytastrophe and i am a huge fan of your music
I remember seeing the gravity gimmick for the Yellow Melody palace, and it looked really cool. Looking forward to the puzzles with it as well as your turn block bridges.

As for the YI hack, I really enjoyed testing it last time. Nice to see the beginning of 1-6 as well.

Also, it'd be great if you finished Gepu A, even though it doesn't have an official English name yet. It's one of my favorites from M&L3, behind the final battle theme of course.
Keytastrophe has always been one of my favorite hacks, and it's good to see some updates on it. The gravitational gimmick of the yellow melody palace is great, and is sure to add some new challenges to the game. The wasteland level is also very nice. I was able to test the very beginning of it, and the bridge block trick is implemented very well.

Forlorn Lands is also shaping into a greater Yoshi Island hack than Kamek's Revenge was. The levels have a special charm that KR seemed to lack for some reason. You're skills have drastically improved also.

As for your music, your work is little short of perfection. All of your more recent work surpass your beginning work in so many ways, it's almost unbelievable. You have improved vastly in your musical skills, and I can only begin to imagine how godly you will be in a years time. Keep up the excellent work.
I like what I'm seeing from Keytastrophe. I especially like the Yellow Melody Palace gimmick. Also, I can't wait to play Forlorn Lands! It seems to be even better than Kamek's Revenge! Keep at this.
I don't recall seeing screenshots from the Yellow Melody Palace level before, though I remember seeing some screenshots from the wastelands level. Regardless, they two look pretty fun to play through, especially with all these gimmicks you implemented into them.

As for Forlorn Lands, the hack in general looks very well-done, and as mentioned before, it looks like it is going to turn out even better than what Kamek's Revenge did. I'm especially liking your 1-3 - the aura you implemented into it really make me smile, somehow.

Your music-related work never cease to impress me - it's also pretty cool to realize that you're getting better and better at this area of SMW hacking. Your newest ports really blow me away with all these instrument choices.
The Power Rangers Stage 2 theme is amazing.
Your incredible at making/porting music.