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Things you want to release during C3 but can't.

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Whether it's glitchy, incomplete or real-life messing things up, we all have our reasons why we want to release stuff now, but cannot.

If you want something known now but cannot release, post about it here.

If you can, some screenshots of the project in question are preferable. Tempt us, give us a reason to care about what you can't release at this current time.

No bull, no hack ideas. Items must be intended for C3. Anything suspicious and you may be questioned, and even have your post edited out.
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!
I was planning to release a completely revamped version of my hack, Bowser Forest, including new graphics and an entirely new level. But I'm not even close to finishing and it needs a lot more polish.
Well, I'm still waiting to see if I can release my hack during C3.
I am waiting on the Beta Testers..
It is called Mario's Timely Adventure.

Btw, for anyone who wants it, here is the code for the userbar

Just put the img code thingies where necessary.

It looks like this:

If you want it to link to the thread just put the url code in and then the link and put the image code in the part where you specify what you want it to say.

Just for anyone who wants to know.

My hack, doubt anybody would like it.
Yeah, this little piece of &$#%@#!!! has caused me several weeks of grief. It has WAY too many seemingly unfixable glitches. Even reinserting custom sprites in an attempt to fix the Lakitu miniboss battle caused the game to screw up (in this case, read: crash at the title screen). It could be a while before I manage to get everything straightened out; it might even be never, since I'm so bleeping sick of having all these stupid problems and am going absolutely nuts trying to figure out how to fix them.

If anyone still wants to play it, though, the download link is right there. If anyone wants to play it and knows how to fix it (and, needless to say, tells me), I would be VERY grateful and appreciative.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
I was working on a demo of the hack I'm working on right now, called "Mario's search for the golden feather", which would have been 20 levels, but I can't really work much on it since I have to prepare for a big exam in a week, so I'm not working on the hack too much.
The demo's probably going to be released a bit later, maybe after the summer break. ;)

Work in progress:
Mario's Search For The Golden Feather:
My entry for C3
I was planning on releasing a Demo of My hack the whole time, and yesterday I played through it and realized... I haven't finished most of the levels..
I was planning to release a Megaman Reborn demo, but because of too much stuff happening to me IRL, i can't.
I was planning to release the first demo of my simple game until I realized I don't know crap about ExGFX.

Oh well.
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
I am working hard on Mario Brain Dead, for those who actually took the time to try it. I am spending large amounts of time on every level, I would even say I use a day for each. I am really trying hard and I really hope the community will appreciate.

I plan on releasing a new demo before or during next C3. I try to include a new sprite every one or two levels and I try to include tons of ExGFX. The looks of my hack is messed up in LM and time consuming, but for the people who liked my game, I assure that I am still working on it!
I'm still hacking away at VRAM code to finish this epic ASM hack. D: Naturally it turned out to be about 20 times as much work as expected. I can't even show screenshots, because I haven't got anything meaningful displaying yet... the visible results are A) the game still runs after all I've done to it and B) the screen flickers.
My projects - ROM hacks, Gameshark codes, homebrew, useful apps, online 65816 disassembler
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my romhack...
but it isn't completed yet.
and it is kaizo-hard so it wont be accepted anyway....

I was going to open up a massive Hacker for Hire advertisement, but in the end I was buried under requests anyway.

Yes, guys, I'll get your levels done when C3 is over, understand?!
I was going to release a demo of my hack, but i only have one level finished.
Right now im working on a 1 world hack(which won't be released either)

I hope to finish the Orange Ocean rip by today for C3 though.

I would have liked to release maybe the second world, but its not even started yet. Tim ran into some shit in his life and the hack was postponed, i was actually scared that we couldnt get the first world ready, but it happened. I also would have liked to make some of the levels easier, because i think that is probably the only bad part of the hack :\ Idk, i still think we will win SOMETHING. ( best text boxes? hmm? hmm? Yeah that needs to be a trophy )

Yeah, so what if I haven't shoveled out my signature yet, I'll get to it later.
I was actually thinking of releasing my Mario Start notes at this time, but I decided to release them earlier due to so many people asking "How can you change the Mario Start?".

You can find them in my footer and in the documents section.
I wanted to release my online BG ripping tool for C3, but I decided to release it ahead of time since C3 was still very far off when I finished it.

Then I started making a portable windows version of it (so no internet connection is required), and this is when I found out how slow C# is. I didn't feel like learning C++ and re-doing the work I've already done on it.
I was going to release a demo of my C# tool, MWCK, but I wasn't able to finish the "make ips patch" function in time...
Now with extra girl and extra hacker
I was hoping that i'd be able to release a demo of my hack," Mario and The Mushroom of Power," but sadly, I wasn't and won't be able to. Oh well, I guess there's always next time...
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