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SMW - Mixed Backgrounds

Welcome to my third booth / thread.

Some of you wanted me to release the jungle background I showed a while ago, which was a mix of SMW's forest and "green rocks" BGs.
So here it is, along with another one - a cloud background mixed with the one from level 105.


Download at edit1754's BG archive or here.


they look good!i already have them in my ExGFX storage!if you can make more,i'll get them!and as i said,great job.

i suspect a ninja...

EDIT:i was wrong.
Wow, these look great. Where were you when nintendo made the backgrounds.:)

WYE, they are some smexy BGs I love em, I would totally use them in a vanilla hack :D
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If I ever get around to a vanilla hack, I will definitely use those. Those backgrounds are very neat....more so than I originally thought. They blend very well together, and really add a nice spice to the original Super Mario World formula.
Wow there r really good.. Great Job ;)

These BGs surely make a vanilla hack more original. If I were making
a Vanilla Hack, I'd of course use them, and maybe expand your idea
making more mixes between the original BGs.

Perfeccionist Note: There's a missing sky corner tile in the 2nd BG just below the TIME in Status Bar.

It's just one tile, it doesn't make that difference.

Definitely a neat idea, and these are looking quite interesting. I must say, the cloud one with the mountains looks pretty awesome, and I could see it being used in a sky high level similar to Cheese Bridge Area or something.
Wow. That's great, how'd you come up with the idea for this?!
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Really nice job on those! They sort of remind me of Super Mario World-like fangames, especially the ones made with GameMaker, which is interesting, I guess. This is, indeed, a really creative idea you got there!
I'm sooooo gonna use that jungle Background for my hack. Your ideas never cease to amaze me wye!
Ah, sweet! So simple, yet so ingenious! I'll be sure to use this!

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