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SMGP: New Plot + Gameplay Footage

Hello, and welcome to my C3 booth! I'm your host, Broozer/BRRRRRRZER/Gardechomp/Ersanio's lost twin/the young FirePhoenix/whatever you want to call me!

Anyways, I'm pretty sure that out of ALL the booths outside, you've chosen to visit this one due to the fact that you LOVE Golden Paradise, and you're kind of obsessed with my hack, RIGHT? If so, you really don't know how glad I am about you... ^_^

...but well, uh, let's actually go for something useful; let me proudly present to you all the new plot of Golden Paradise! Yes, that's it - the hack has just received a new plot, as the old one sounded kind of... err.. awkward - I had been receiving some complaints regarding the old plot, and I myself was starting to find it odd, as well, so there was nothing better to do than going for something different! I went ahead and made up a completely new plot for the hack, and here's how it turned out:

A long time ago, ancient creatures used to habitate the Mushroom World, and, although they only used to habitate a very limited portion of it, these species used to be the most intelligent and powerful creatures of the world - they were named Cobarks, due to the fact that they were as fearsome as sharks. Cobarks used to habitate, as mentioned before, a very small portion of the entire world, which was named Cobarktitlan Kingdom. The entire kingdom used to be made of pure gold, and due to this, several pirates used to try to invade Cobarks' homeland, though they never reached their main goal upon doing this.

One day, the entire kingdom, as well as the Cobark species, have mysteriously vanished from the world - nobody knows why such powerful and clever creatures suddenly disappeared from existence. There is, however, a legend that says that one of the various pirates that used to attempt to invade the kingdom used to bring a special compass with him during his several adventures, and that this compass, named "the compass of truth", can reveal a path to the lost kingdom of Cobarktitlan - according to the legend, the pirate, who was called Captain Golden Horn, had burried the compass somewhere in the whole world before he died.

During his break from his daily routine at the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario suddenly came across the genuine compass when searching for some coins of his that had been burried by a tricky Sidestepper. While this was happening, Bowser was attempting to kidnap Peach once again, who had gone with Mario to Mushroom Kingdom's seaside. As soon as Bowser saw Mario with the legendary compass in his hands, Bowser attacked Mario, stole the compass from him, and fled, eventually. Bowser ought to invade the lost kingdom of Cobarktitlan and get all of the riches found in there if Mario doesn't stop him, and our hero won't let Bowser do that!

Fancy, huh? Now let's go for something that might fit more for your likes - a gameplay footage of demo 1, which is coming soon!

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Hope you liked what I have been up to. ^_^ Oh, and feel free to leave some comments here, in this topic - I would like to hear your own thoughts regarding my stuff!
Your trailer looks great, and I'm especially fond of your incredible graphical style. The hack looks great, and the gameplay is excellent as well. I especially loved that cave area.

Your story sounds quite interesting too. I can't wait for this hack to be released.
Wow, your hack looks amazing! Did you do all the Graphics yourself?
Really: I really like this hack! the only thing that is horrible is...
WHY THE HELL YOU HAVEN'T REDRAWN SOMEHTING YET? (castle platforms, floating rocks...)

Overall, this is good: maybe some perspective are a bit.... :/
But cool!
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Wow, just wow!

I know it was going to be a great hack, but that video really got me :)
I can't wait to see the demo and play this masterpiece.
(No matter how long it still going to take)

All your graphics seem so fluid and natural fitting, it's just amazing.

Well, I think you get my point by now, but that trailer was one of the best times I've seen today :)

PS: The song was also great ;)
Yeah! I was wondering where broozer went XD The graphics look fantastic as always. This trailer really got me excited for the demo!
Neat! I've been looking forward to a demo for a while now. You're level design looks pretty fun, and the graphics look truly amazing! Keep it up! ;)
Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate 'em. ^-^

Originally posted by Hikari no Go
Wow, your hack looks amazing! Did you do all the Graphics yourself?

Thank you! And yeah, I made all the graphics shown by that trailer myself - I'm glad you liked them. :D

Originally posted by Dinomar
WHY THE HELL YOU HAVEN'T REDRAWN SOMEHTING YET? (castle platforms, floating rocks...)

Overall, this is good: maybe some perspective are a bit.... :/
But cool!

Not sure if you have actually noticed that I DID redraw plenty of things that are included within the original SMW, such as some enemies (Buzzy Beetles, Spinies, Koopas, Ninjis, etc), blocks and stuff. Nevertheless, I see what you mean, but don't worry, as I AM going to redraw everything you pointed out, yes. ;)

Also, it would be great if you actually shouted what you think of the perspective, so that I could consider working on it a tad little more, heh... ^-^

The storyline is better than the old one you had, it seems very original, with the apparition of the Cobarks, but Bowser still being the last villain (I think), but there's nothing wrong with that.

Your trailer is basically joining fragments of videos of all levels you have in your world #1, I guess. And they all seem to be very well designed with self-drawn graphics that are amazing, plus the unlinearity and puzzles.

Good job on this, keep it up. I'm awaiting the demo release! =P

The new storyline sounds great, Broozer. The addition of that lost kingdom is clever. The levels seem good as well, and your graphics are top-notch! You really did a good job on this. Can't wait for the demo.

EDIT: I just remembered to say that I think the bramble level is a tad empty.
Astonishing Broozie!

Not only do your GFX impress me a helluva lot, but from your video, your level design looks incredibly awesome and very fun, the things that were most memorable, to me anyway, were the village (the cable car is genius), the cave (there is something about it that makes me feel warm inside ^_^) and the brambles level (that looks great). I think the storyline is better now too :).

Keep it up Broozie Woozie, I can't wait for the demo!!
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Awesome work Broozer! your GFX always impress me and your level design looks very grand! Only thing I saw that needs redrawing is the Koopa after it's been kicked out of it's shell, it still has the original GFX, unless you redrew it after you posted the video, if so, nvm. I'll be looking forward for sure to play this hack! :D
-A consistent and polished graphical style.
-Solid-looking level design.
-Interesting characters.
-Intriguing plot.

I see no reason this hack won't be pure win ^_^. This is one I've been eagerly waiting on for quite some time, and I'm certain given your level of caliber it won't disappoint. Great work. :)

Also...hurry and release a demo! :P
I saw good level design,great ExGFX Graphics,and custom sprites.I can't wait for demo of SMGP.
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