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The Legend of the Rift - Trailer

Sit down my children, and I'll tell you a tale,
About a young boy with a mission...a mission he could not fail.
He lived in the land of beginning...the land where life was born,
Yet an evil arose to claim what was forlorn.
The evil had spread across the land,
And nothing could escape his evil hand.
But a hero had risen, and had gained the power,
to overcome the evil lord, in his very own tower.
The two met in a violent clash,
Yet neither was willing to throw in the sash.
The boy then knew what he had to do,
as he conjured up a void, that engulfed the two.
The evil was now purged from the land,
and the people of Asgard now could stand.
They rebuilt their land right up from the rubble,
Yet were blessed to rebuild without a struggle.
And now we have enjoyed a millennium of peace,
Love and harmony would not cease.
But now something sinister is forming,
As the hands of time are turning.
A new hero will rise to vanquish the night,
As he is the morning sun, and will bring us light.

I have kept many things under wrap regarding my hack...yet this little poem (pretty badly written I should say) reveals a nice little portion of what to expect from the game. I won't say too much, as I've said pretty much everything that can be here are some screens. Many will be familiar to you all...yet some are new:

As the hero climbs the legendary tower,
He would never expect what was about to transpire.

A dimensional void had opened above the castle,
And engulfed anything that dared to travel.
The alternate world was a world of terror,
Who could be the infernal dweller?

The smog was gone, and there sat the night,
What had happened during the tragic fight?

And here is a trailer that my bud Kc made for this momentous occasion.

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I realize I came with this a little late. I really wanted to get this put together the best way I could possibly can.
Don't be so hard on yourself, I liked the poem! :(

Anyway, this hack is great. The story is interesting, the graphics come together really well, and the music choice is good too. Of all the levels, the second castle really stood out to me. Without giving away too much, it was just a whole lot of fun to play.

Great work with this, Foursword4.
Truly, it has been quite an honour watching this hack grow from what used to be a "just decent" piece of work to something rather breathtaking. As of late, the skill, effort, and thought put into making this hack the special piece of work it currently is has been astounding. After testing it periodically for the past six months, I can honestly say that this hack has one of the best storylines I have seen in quite a long time, and I am sure that those who play it will feel the same as I do on this.

The huge variety of atmospheres helps too - from ships, to temples, to aquatic areas, the difference in areas is great. The use of starry backgrounds wins bonus points in my book, mostly because I am a nut for anything space-y like that (which is probably why I overuse those types of BGs and such myself).

I expect great things from this to come. Somehow, I don't think I will be disappointed.
Oh crap, I thought I would be one of the few people that would provide a trailer as my C3 entry... :'(

Anyway, this looks great so far. Your level design sure is top-notch, and I don't have anything againts your graphics choices there. The plot for your hack also sounds pretty cool, and it certainly gives a "mysterious" feel to the whole game.

My only complaint goes to 00:17 - you should be interested in replacing the question block graphics that quickly are displayed once the turn blocks are hit by actual turn block graphics. ;) Other than that, everything looks pretty enjoyable and fun - keep up the neat work! ^_^
Take this from me guys, this hack offers incredible level design, the pirate ship, along with many other levels are amazing and offers many different and secret paths which in turn gives the player a feeling of 'Hmm, I'll return to this part later and see where it leads, and IMO, that alone is enough to have a player hooked. Not just the level design, the story is extremely well thought out and brilliantly told throughout the hack, it's a bloody awesome story to say the least.

I highly recommend people play this once it is released because it has all the features a brilliant hack has, and more and in all honesty I'm not just saying that because I'm good friends with FS4, it truly has.

FS4, you have definatly come along way, Great job buddy! :)
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I love the dark palette you used for the desert, it looks top notch indeed. The "he's a pirate" level is my favourite XD
Thanks for the positive feedback everyone. It's great to hear that my work has garnered a good amount of interest.

@Dinomar: What palettes in particular irk you? If you could offer suggestions, I could try to change them.
Great work here, FS4. You have really developed a great knack for clever level design, and your story is geared to blow everyone away. We've all been waiting anxiously for the demo to arrive, but I believe it will be well worth the wait. :)