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Bowsers Valley 1.1

Here is my demo called Bowsers Valley.
I've changed a bit of things too.
Download here.

Oh and for Morton's castle, apparently I didn't have enough time today so I couldn't change Morton, so instead of fighting him, you fight Reznor. (I'll get a boss later on)

Instead of it being Demo 2, I realized that I barley done any levels and all I did was change my OW and its graphics and some other stuff.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I don't have a lot of custom music for my hack, and if you have any music that would go good with my hack just tell me cause I don't know any good music.

Here are some pics:

A new level I made that wasn't in demo 1

Thats pretty much all I have to show.
And any feedback would be appreciated!
I really like the "classic Mario" feel of your levels. About the last screen shot, if you're aiming for a cloudy background, might I suggest going into the background editor and deleting those little leave shaped things in the clouds.