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[?][?][?] SMB-TWSS (SS)

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They both look really good but I'd go with the colour one.
GvS ~ u:11380
The coloured one looks better IMO. The other one just... looks pretty plain and boring while this one is full of live.
I agree with GeorgeVsSonic - the coloured one is much better, as I don't like the background colour in the other one.
I prefer the first one, it looks more lively and colorful. The sepia might look good if it had some sort of background. Also, the cut-scene looks pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to see more updates on this. :)

Using the VWF patch (gonna assume that's what it is) together with full-screen images is actually a great idea - I wonder why nobody's thought of that before.

I never realized that was even possible. :P
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