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A Document of the Hunter and SCORPION Mythos
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Since this has to do with the "Hunter and SCORPION Mythos" hacks... I decided to put it here. This is a document that is consisting of the Hacks within the mythos that I've recorded so far... so below is the document. Feel free to comment, but be sure to read it. This is to make sure that everybody knows about the Scorpion Mythos... and so that I can stop recieving those annoying emails about our (metalgearhunter and I) hacks. This log was written by me, so most of the hacks summarized will be mine. HR summaries provided by Metalgearhunter.

Also, if you support the Hunter and SCORPION Mythos, then put this in your signature.


This is the Document about the Official parts of the Hunter/SCORPION Mythos... starting from Part 1.

SCORPION's Wrath Recharged
Hunter's Revenge 1
SCORPION's Flash (Future Flash Recall)
Hunter's Revenge 2
Mario: The Fourth Sector
Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth (Not officially in the Mythos, but plays a big role)
Hunter's Revenge 3
Hunter and SCORPION's Bet: Hunter's Path to Power/SCORPION's Ravage
Hunter's Revenge 4
Legends of 7th Past

This is a log about the series', which will have the plots listed. I, S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N., will not log the HR series.

SCORPION's Wrath Recharged
This is the prologue of the series... and the first hack ever conducted by metalgearhunter and I. This part in the series has the meteor crash and everything that introduces them. There are two pathological beings that emerge from the meteor at a historic place... the crater. One of the two sentient beings calls himself Hunter, and it is for a reason. Hunter hunts down living creatures to fight them. His proposal is to mutate the animals and it's area into his own creatures. If a creature is incapable of defending itself, it will be immediately mutated into a savage creature. He requires no oxygen to live. The other of the sentient beings, being more dangerous at that, is a destructive machine know as SCORPION. He was built by an unknown race of creatures and was given a mission. His mission is to hunt down living creatures, such as animals and (of course) human beings, and kill them off. He is also capable of taking over said creatures. His abilities include recovery and the ability to burn off oxygen. He plans to exterminate all life in the universe for no known apparent reason. He even says that when his mission is complete... in which he is the only living creature left in the Universe, he will even kill himself b/c he has no further purpose. He hopes that when his mission is complete, Jahovah will start everything over, a new life... a new beginning for the universe... for it to be reborn!

Hunter's Revenge 1
Not too long ago, Hunter and SCORPION were destroyed along with the furnace. Mario and his friends, even Bowser celebrated the 1st official alien attack on the Mushroom Kingdom, a plot that was meant to not rule, but exterminate thier life as they knew it. Mario decided to head back home. Weeks later, he found a strange plant in his yard, and he got rid of it. Days later, Mario goes on a trip, but on the way, he found more of these plants, and soon ran into a familiar enemy, he was non other than Hunter! And he has come back for revenge. Little did Mario know, the land was being mutated by his capital up in an unknown realm known as the Hunter World. No matter how many times Mario defeated Hunter, the mutation on the Mushroom Kingdom kept him alive. Mario soon finds the source to the mutation, there are 3 Castles built to mutate the land, 1 on an island, 1 in a infested forest, and another in space. Mario must take them out to reach Hunter's Capital, which was located at the soul of the mutation, the Hunter World. Can Mario kill this evil threat once and for all, or fail and the world along with him?

SCORPION's Flash (Future Flash Recall)
This is the third part in the Hunter/Scorpion Mythos. Mario believes that he has killed Hunter, but SCORPION is yet to die. However, he decides to take a well earned vacation in the newly found lands... AKA "New Mushroom Kingdom." Within the new place, consists a plush and private place full of wonderful creatures and a small desert. That place is known as Mario's Garden. He takes a well earned week or two in there until he sees a very recognizeable building... a SCORPION Fortress! He has found SCORPION's hiding place... in his private dojo. He also discovers Hunter isn't quite dead. He was spat out of hell and into SCORPION's custody. As long as SCORPION lives... Hunter can continue to come back from the dead with no energy used. So... who is going to go first... Hunter, or SCORPION?

Hunter's Revenge 2
After the defeat of Hunter and SCORPION, Mario heads back to Peach's Castle, but runs into an unknown guest. He reveals himself as Sonic the Hedgehog, but why is he here? As they returned Peach to her castle, Mario and Sonic get to know one another, but they soon run into an unexpected surprise! Hunter has somehow come back! It appears that Hunter's Capital fell into a mountanous area and mutated it, bringing Hunter back to life somehow. Mario and Sonic must now battle this being of pure evil, in life and death! Can Mario and Sonic's team up of powers bring this Cataclaysmic being down for good, or will Hunter reign surpreme over theme after he has completed his dead transformation.

Mario: The Fourth Sector
Mario and Sonic had stopped and thrawted Hunter 3 years ago and were headed back to thier homes.
But in a mysterious land, SCORPION lurked the soil and brang terror to the unknown world: The
Fourth Sector.

Deep in the cosmics of demisional traveling, there existed the place between all worlds, the
interstelar gateway the fourth sectorians developed this place to keep creature traveling between other
worlds and deminsions from falling into thier unknown land. They quietly watched over the
sentient beings and saw that thier world would no longer be noticed and dissed as a rumor once
agian. But little did they know of the evil lurking within thier soil.

At sometime the Gem, the leader and keeper of the fourth sector sent out its soldiers to the
one place that foerigners go, the Portal Keep. There was an unknown force that dispatched into
the region and they were spreading in all directions, in an un-maintianable order. The soldiers
were no match for the army that ditasipated thier lands. The army was none other than SCORPION's.
He saw what power this deminsion had. The Fourth Sectorians had no knowledge of how much power
the interstellar gateway held, without it: The travel between ALL demisions easily would be
impossible. Deminsional Travelers would have to cross this unknown land before getting where
they wanted to be. But that was not the only trouble, the gem had no real defenses so it couldn't
defend itself. If anybody were to destroy it, the whole universe and all the demisions around it
would callapse into Utter Destruction. The whole universe would be off balance and crumble into
itself in a matter of minutes. Only ships with more than 50000 knots of speed would have a chance
to escape the callapse, and that was what SCORPION had.

--After Hunter's Revenge 2--

Sonic and Mario had went thier own ways, to race to see which one would get to the mushroom
kingdom first. Mario was on the lead, for he knew the lands a lot better than Sonic ever did.
In the midst of the race Mario, saw a portal in the distance. Some of Bowser's Koopas were
gathering. Mario knew Bowser was up to something, so he went and checked out the unknown land
within the Hunter Lands, the Mega Plains. Of course there is nothing Pliany about it due to the
small fortress constructed. Mario was relieved that there was no Bowser waiting for him. He was
also glad that he had to fight somebody that he atleast knew and grew up fighting. After
triumphantly taking down Bowser's troops around, he took a glance at the unknown Portal. He
found himself wondering what was inside. The Portal wasn't a portal to the interstellar gateway
though, but he didn't know that. Little did he know that his hopes of fighting Bowser would soon
be crushed, b/c somebody else he didn't like was in there... waiting for him.

Bowser's Ultimate Labyrinth
This summary was written by Sniggerb0bble.
After defeating the evil Lord Sniggerbobble and putting his evil plans to rest Mario heads home. Unfortunately on his way back he failed to notice a huge gaping hole in the mushroom kingdom, and fell in it. He fell for a long time and when he lands he's greeted by none other than... Bowser? It seems that he has something of urgency that needs to be discussed. But he explains that they need to meet in his secret base, and to do it, he must destroy three huge forts. Apparently by doing that the way forward will be opened.
So forward Mario goes across 4 worlds looking for Bowser. However, is it possible that another villain has a plan for domination? As Mario goes further on it seems that things are worse than he thought...

Hunter's Revenge 3
In the beautiful lands of the Mushroom Kingdom, the entire kingdom was celebrating the 14th year of no Hunter and SCORPION attack since Mario saved the Fourth Sector. Sonic and Tails were invited to the celebration due to Sonic's helping of getting rid of Hunter. Mario knows there was more to Sonic, but for now, he wanted to enjoy himself. They celebrated near some unexplored lands inhabited by the Ika Village people. These lands were to soon be explored, but sooner than they thought.

On Arinid, the Barakin were mobilizing. Hunter had given them 2 orders 14 years ago. The 1st was to set up for World Domination. The 2nd, was to dominate the Mushroom Kingdom, then turn it into dust. The Barakin had set off a course for Earth so they can complete their 2nd order.

Mean while, in the Cataclaysm, Hunter had every dead being under his control. He sensed his army headed toward Earth and knew it was the perfect time to activate his perfect plan. He called SCORPION, Slayge, Zylone, and Meldar to the Cataclasm (The place of which the living escaped). They knew the plan and SCORPION was anxious to get on with it. Hunter used the Dead Power he had left to open the Cataclaysm. The opening was known as: Revival Hole, but it did not have the power to revive Hunter himself and he knew that.

The 4 soldiers had landed on the Mushroom Kingdom with brutal force, and SCORPION landed near the celebration. Mario saw SCORPION and he was getting away. Mario, Sonic, and Tails must track down SCORPION and find the other 3 and figure out Hunter's plan, but little do they know, that it is a FLAWLESS plan and nothing can be messed up, even if SCORPION, Slayge, Zylone, and Meldar die once again.

Hunter and SCORPION's Bet: Hunter's Path to Power/SCORPION's Ravage
Started, however, info will be recorded when finished.

Hunter's Revenge 4
Not Recorded Yet.

The Black Hole!
Soon to be started... after The Crater is finished.
Seems like you want to be busy! I might get a chance at playing them in my own time!

Your layout has been removed...NOT! :D
I know that it seems like an unnessary bump, but Sniggerb0bble had provided a summary for his hack too.

@detroitlion11: Go on ahead, you might be suprised when the full pack is released.
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