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What's your favorite subject in school?

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So what is your favorite subject in school? (If you still go to school)

Mine has always been the Math subjects. I'm in Algebra 2 right now.
Why? Because it's fun and I seem to get along much better with numbers than I do words. xD

So what about you guys?
My favourite class is computer science. I love messing around with programming.
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I enjoyed Calculus in high school, until it became utterly impossible in university (once infinite series and integrals kicked in .. differential was alright).

I prefer Chemistry more than anything now. I find it a lot more enjoyable than other classes, and the Hess's Law questions are utterly fun for some reason. I don't know .. I realize some people find this class a nightmare, but it is pretty enjoyable for me.
My favourite subjects are maths, programming, physics, and chemistry. I have always liked being able to deduce and prove (and in the case of programming, create) things by applying logic to known facts.
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Math - even though I rarely managed to get any good grades on it this year -, Biology and Chemistry. German and French are pretty cool, too.

The rest is okay/boring/terrible.
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Nothing; I despise the monotony of every single subject I am forced to endure, I am going to inevitably fail them anyway so I don’t know why I still have to sit there and endure that hindrance.
Lunch is definitely my favorite subject.I am level 8 and proud to be an elephant!
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Mine is Graphic Arts, the class where I got to play with Flash the entire time; unfortunately, it's getting cut at my school next year for the sake of the budget.

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i just lurk sometimes
Marching/concert band, and if after school counts the percussion ensemble, even though that's already over its the best experience ever. (Except for getting up at 5 AM to go to some school 2 hours away for a competition)
My favorite subjects at school is Math,Science,and Social Studies.
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My favorite subject is Algebra II, because the homework is pretty straightforward (no projects or anything, I hate projects) and it's kind of fun sometimes. As a bonus, our teacher is awesome. He's funny and he's pretty much a god at Tetris. :P
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If electives count, then Drama. I love acting.
Science, because my teacher is cool. Art and French are also something I enjoy.
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ScIeNcE tOtAlLy RoCkS!!!

It's just fun all the expirements and what you learn from it.
Plus the teacher is awesome and isn't some Mad Scientist.
(No offence?)

hmm... the electronics class, i like the mess up with circuits and the teacher isnt a torture master of doom like the another ones.
I do pixels sometimes
My favorite Elective is Art. and my favorite subject is History, especially when you hva some crazy teacher make you laugh and learn at the same time :o
I like Sport more than anything.

No, seriously, I love being fit and running around, playing Football, Soccer, minor games involving hitting eachother with balls or testing out fitness skills. It's enjoyable, not too much thinking is needed and all you need is your body :P

Otherwise, I like Art, or anything to do with drawing.
I like physics, maths and programming. Maths and physics are very easy for me, and I've developed a lot of interest in programming since I joined SMWC.
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