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The First Annual SMW Central Mosts - Discussion

Who is Coby?
Your layout has been removed.
I heard he has three eyes! Not two, but three!
Heh, I'm the answer to a lot of 'em, one of them I'm the ONLY answer.
I never get recognised for anything :'(
Neither will I join the groop. I never get choosen in things like this.
If there were a unique sig category, I'd vote for you. I like the "Run Yoshi Run!" thing. XD
I'm considering removing the Best Admin topic. There are only 3, so it's, uh .. kind of a guaranteed win.

Kieran, Smallhacker...

I count two...

And Smallhacker is never around, so I assume Kieran instantly wins.
You people forget Ice Man. But if I remember well, he doens't hack anymore, so he is probally gone.
Coby is a complete unknown here. Until the mosts awards, I never thought I would EVER see that name brought up in the forums.

Amanda and Pat are the most likely couple, of course.

To whoever said Kieran and Smallhacker would be most unlikely... WRONG.
The anwser to that is Amanda and MrEgg or Boing.

I like Xgor, but I think his autism gives me a reason to give him bias.

For funniest title during the eggidemic... who had "Bowser trapped me in an egg. Please help me"?

And if there was a most bored admin, Boom FTW :)
Slightly well-versed on everything LinuxI'll beta-test your hack. Find me here!
System? I'll vote him. (I think it's a him)
Your layout has been removed.
What about Pac?
What about him?
Ugghhh... Come on

I really want to see som mod/admin opinions
Your layout has been removed.
I'm kind of surprised nobody else voted for Reading as best all-around hacker. :O

I don't know who to put under any of the categories.
I know for sure that I don't fit into any of the categories.
Since when I`m a GFX Designer? o.O
Thanks, anyway. :D
Fun Fact - Colby used to have a website called the ExGFX workshop before this site was even thought of. It was the only site back then that had ExGFX's up for grabs, and it's probably why he was on staff here.
(Cause mods are the only ones actually allowed to be funny)

this is totally untrue :O