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YY-CHR Screwed Up My Hack

OK, here's the story. I was editing graphics with yy-chr, and when I was loading my ROM for test, it displayed " __ ", and then froze! When I tried loading a savestate, the screen turned different colored stripes and then the screen froze. Does anyone know how to fix this? I really don't want to re-download SMW and start my hack all over.
All help is greatly appreciated.
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The gfx could have been stored as 2bpp
The hack could have already been corrupted
the bottom line is this:
you could have only made a graphical mistake with yy-chr if that's what really caused it. Try extracting the GFX from a different ROM and inserting them into the glitched one. If that doesn't fix it, it probably wasn't YY that caused the problem.
Balloon Party.
At times like this, you need to step back and say, "Where's the Balloon Party?"
Ok, thanks for the help! My hack is up and working now.
Your layout has been removed.