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Fosodian Soil
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Fosodian Soil puts you in the role of an engineer, a humble and studious man of technology living alone on a planet recovering from its former inhabitant's exodus, looking for traces of their existance to learn about them. During your stay, a wide and circular space craft arrives and looms over the planet. The vessel is unknown, nor has the engineer seen any such thing like it before. In four directions, anchors fall to the planet, crashing in the distant lands. The tethers begin to glow soon after, and the winds change. As the engineer watches in concern, the air once teeming of life and energy is quickly beginning to have a sense of death.


I'm completely new to SMW hacking. I wish I would have had some decent media ready for C3 but I didn't. In this hack, I took advantage of a lot of the various resources around the site, and built this up a shell rather quickly as this site has an impressive wealth of information tools, patches, etc.

This hack features:
Metroid Health
Disable Cape Flying (still can float)
Disable Fireball while Spin Jumping
Pushable Crate
Item to item box type blocks (some glitches)
Subtle level changing (no end level bars or anything)
Various Original Sprite graphics
Various Original FG/BG Graphics
Various Original music tracks or tracks that were ripped by me by ear, like the 'Blast Corps' world theme. :)
Various fixes for score, item box, status bar, stars, and so forth.
Coins is now fire points, now ammo for fire flower abilities.

This hack will not feature:
Yoshi, or Wayne the Bird as I did make new graphics, but will not use him.
Bowser or any other overused villain, including his children.
Munchers. They've been replaced with spikes for all surfaces.
Invisible coin blocks, although an invisible message box with an irritating message would be agitating.

Gameplay is mostly Mario-like by virtue of Mario World. However, this hack will feature a equal blend of puzzle and action. Each area (because of the Metroid Health) will be two or three times longer than regular levels, but no time limit and plenty of secrets to explore. But the Metroid Energy tanks are madly glitched and don't work properly. So you will find fire ammo or extra lives while looking for secrets. The levels are divided into two, you can go left or you can go right. The direction you pick will decide the path you take on the world map. Not every level is straight forward either, some may require you to grab items that will help you complete the level, or perhaps have to choose from another divide in the path you took.

Opponents are standard Mario enemies. Right now its the only tie to the Mario universe. Perhaps they may change but for signature reasons they could stay, which would lesson the confusion and increase familiarity and fun. I.E. You know turtles leave behind turtle shells and so on.

The overworld is carefully crafted with distinct features. The level types provided is anywhere from bright deserts to deep forests and even frigid snow areas. The player will sample a little of everything during his journey.

I'd post more but content is limited. Its a work in progress.

Not much to say right now other than "oh shit, that looks great."
Keep it up. :)

Wow. This looks amazing.
I especially like the fg and bg in the last screenshot.
Where are they from?

This reminds me a classic italian freak kid!

I really like this!
From the moment i said "not usual that there is a new to SMW hacking that can hack SMW", well, really skilled guy come here!

The grassland BG needs more particular: the rest is awesome

Keep a good work.

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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
This is extremely impressive. I love the sound of the story, as well as the general graphics and design of the hack. This is quite a project for being completely new to SMW hacking.

The one thing that looks a little bit off in the screenshots is the SMW enemies in the mix. I think they don't really fit in, and would suggest redrawing them or having different enemy GFX altogether.
I really like the way everything in this hack looks. The graphics are nice, the level design doesn't look linear and boring, the overworld has shape to it, and the plot is fantastic. :) What surprises me the most is that you are new to SMW hacking and most people usually have a lot of errors in their first hacks. :D

Although there is one thing pointed out by someone else on the IRC channel:

[13:29:03] <Buu-Huu> That strange guy in conjunction with SMW Koopas looks like horrible fail.

I wouldn't say it's horrible fail, but the graphics do clash - I think if you gave the Koopas a more lively texture like the main character it would look much better. I plan to keep an eye out for this hack, as it looks wonderful and amazing as of now. ;)

Ninja'd due to slow typing. :(
Yeah I'm still working things out.

If you notice the shoes on the title screen, they look funny. That's already fixed.

Also, I can't be the only person tired of hearing Mario's jumping sound by now... and I'm a newbie... so I'm going to change it with something custom. The offset for that in listed in the rom map.

EDIT: Nevermind. Any SFX number I change it silenced the sound. No big deal but help with that would be nice.
Wow this is looking really awesome. Always nice to have some fresh talent (or any talent whatsoever... *bricked*)

My one complaint would be that the repeating dirt tiles in some of your FG's are just a 16x16 1 color tile (see screenie 5). Though this is a somewhat frequent occurrance and it isn't too frowned upon, I still don't like it :P

<-- this is the dope on dope
Dude i cant find anything to say... This is too awesome. You're probably better than me xD but we'll see. :] I have never seen anyone new pump out a hack of this quality before.
Is this your first hack? If it is, I swear to god you're a SMW hacking prodigy. This all looks so awesome. Keep up the good work!

Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
Really is my first hack.

I know things repeat a bit, but I'm out of tiles. It isn't just branches and rocks, but has stone blocks and more structural things. I even have tiles for large and small tree trunks, as seen in the forest image, for both vertical and horizontal.

The area is designed to go interior, exterior, and cave like.

Statue and new pipe graphics derived from Metroid 3 since I couldn't come up with a good one on my own. :P

This looks REALLY great...and I can see that it's going to be a VERY interesting one.Are you going to include some custome bosses as well?

If anyone needs help with custom Character GFX,PM me.
<Note> You will have to have a progress thread in order for me to work on GFX for you.No random requests.

Stuff like this should be from Super Metroid and Metroid fusion, IIRC.

My deviantART
My Youtube channel
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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
Awesome, your GFX is incredible! This'll be a featured hack I bet for sure! ;D
Wow...if this doesn't get featured i'm going to destroy the world! MWA HA HA HAA! i'm gonna be mad...

This is amazing for a first hack! I'd be amazed if this doesn't get featured. (which it will...most likely...)

Definitly better than Brutal Mario... (in my opinion)
This is your FIRST hack?! Wow... Just wow... When this gets submitted, I am DEFINITELY going to vote for this to be featured! Keep up the good work!

Good fucking bye.
I have the Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor (S.M.I.L.E.)

Its complicated to the point of no fun.
Much like everyone else, I have to say that this is one of the better hacks I have seen on here.

Starting off at your overworld .. I am rather fond of your unique style. You are totally ignoring the landscape itself (mountains, etc) and just allowing "free laying" of paths. It would not work with regular graphics, but it looks like it works very well here. Nice work.

As for the levels .. your graphic style is pretty much perfect. There are no clashes whatsoever, and everything seems to come together wonderfully. If I had to pull a complaint out of these screens though, it would be that I do not really like your status bar font. I recognize that you're going for a unique look, but it just looks a tad messy in my opinion. Other than that minor complaint, I'm liking it.

This hack has a lot of potential. I am liking the progress so far. Let's just see if your level design is as impressive as your graphics are.
Please, I would like to know who rereged.
Edit: Nice, level up.
Rereged? As in reregistered?

lol. I didn't.
I just have a lot of experience in a wide variety of media arts. I'm also graduating art school next quarter.

I've been in the game art and design stuff for years before that even, I just make stuff up.

ANYWAY: That font... yeah I know its ugly. I changed it several times already and I'm not in love with it either. Any suggestions? Contributions?

EDIT: how do you level up, what the crap is that about anyway?
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Fosodian Soil

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