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Super Mario Bros. 3 X

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Here is my hack called Super Mario Bros. 3X and it is an SMB3 Styled hack.I used some SMAS GFX with it.

So Far..........

Ok i'm out of time,i will upload more pictures later....



This looks pretty solid here, and the SMAS graphics are used very well.

I do have one small nitpick about the title screen though. It looks like the X doesn't have a shadow compared to the other letters, which do. It's just a minor thing, but I think it would look a bit nicer if you added one.
The hack looks awesome, just to let you know. Though, one thing about the overworld is that it looks too blocky near the top, though I'm sure you can't do much using those GFX. Also the X that Supertails/ Alice mentioned. Other than that, I don't spot any errors.

I like those brick GFX, and I also like how you added eyes to Mario. That boss fight seems interesting... is it custom? Because I can spot a thunderbolt hiding behund the status bar. Oh, the status bar, I love it. It's arranged quite well, and gives the hack a more SMB3-ish feeling. I like how you put the hack name at the top right, too :)

Well, I do hope you continue on with your hack, Mirumo, and good luck with it.
This looks pretty great Mirumo. By watching the sprites you've been making, I had a feeling you might be making something SMB3-related. This looks really great overall. I have to agree the status bar is about as close to SMB3 in SMW as you can probably get. I would really love to see some more screenshots, since what I can already see looks great.

My only quibbles would be with the X on the title screen (no shadow, as someone else said) and the Dry Bones - why not use the SMB3 Dry Bones graphics? For me, the Redrawn version just doesn't match your other Koopa Troopas. These are just my personal opinions, though. Use whatever you like best.

In any event, this looks great. Nice palettes, too. Keep up the good work!

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If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Thanks for all the Replies.I used that Dry Bones because it has a throwing frame than the SMB3 one.About the title screen,I'll fix the X as soon as possible.

Here's some more Screenshots.

Awesome looking hack.
Originally posted by Mirumo

How did you get the firebar jumbled like that?
It's always good to see an smb3 sequel. The screen look GREAT. As long as your level design is good, this hack should be very fun.
Originally posted by Mirumo

This is clearly inspired by SMA4's World-e levels. Nintendo really needs to port World-e into its own game with WiFi features instead, especially since Europeans never got an SMA4 with eReader features.
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I like the SMAS gfx, the palettes aren't blinding and I can't see any cutoff. Keep up the great work.
Everything is great, except this one problem in the title. Where it says "3X", the x does not have a shadow... not that big of a problem, so yeah, great job!
How To Design a Good Overworld
Everything looks great.
Can't wait to play this.

Love that fg palette.
And what is the 32x32 chomp ?
I fixed the X in the title screen:

I re-uploaded it.SMB3X Demo. This should be working by now.
Me neither.
Originally posted by Link13
It's not working for me. :(

Anyways, the hack looks really good! Keep up the good work!
Yeah, It makes my hack look like nothing.:( But thats okay.:)
Very good the Hack, the style of mario SMB2 is, it was good.


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