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Debate on hating of rap-SERIOUS POSTS ONLY-
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Debate on hating of rap-SERIOUS POSTS ONLY-
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People in our generation of people, around the age for my age group all are prejudice and despise rock and metal.However, with what we are doing to hip-hop and rap, does it make us any better?(Well, technically we are better then those gangster retards, but this debate is about our actions on the topic)
Rap wasn't originally about saying the word n***er in every sentance, or in general, doing all the shit 50 cent does.
I want you to take a listen to this song tupac(A rapper from a few century's ago who was actually GOOD.) made:
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(Note:At first it doesn't sound like rapp, but just wait until tupac starts rappin at 1:01)
Now tell me:Do you truly hate rapp and hip-hop, or do you hate what it has become?
In my opinion, ever since tupac died, rap hasn't been the same.
50 Cent fucked up rap with his damn subliminal and crappy lyrics with good rythim. >_<

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I agree, rap just gets worse and worse...
rap is just crap with a c in front of it. hints, thats what it is.


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Het, not all rap sucks, 4 of them are ok, think of the DK rap.
good point.

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Originally posted by Delmaru
rap is just crap with a c in front of it. hints, thats what it is.

I said that, and I totally agree with you. I absolutely hate rap. Main reasons: they talk about explicit concepts and they curse. And I think that the rhythm is kinda annoying as well. There are a few that I do like, though, because it's much better when those two concepts are not present, and when the rhythm is easy to listen to without a burst of sound every two seconds. Like the DK rap as Amanda said.

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I only don't like rap because there is no actual music. In fact, I like music without lyrics better than music with lyrics. O_o
Warning: Long rant on my hatred of modern rap ahead.

I agree whole-heartedly with you, Troopa Pride. Rap is on a downward spiral. It had its meanings, but it's been stripped of its soul with disgusting and disturbing messages, and a lack of story.

Before the 2000's, some rap actually had a point. It was more about the hardships of a tough neighborhood, discrimination, and poverty back then, but now it's about *insert inappropriate stuff associated with hardcore partying, swears, money, cars, girls/guys in an eew-gross way (actually this part is beyond just rap now,) wanton violence, swears, illegal substances, swears, and racial slurs here* and I can't consider it an art anymore. The sad part is, a lot of kids like the new rap. I can't respect rap new music in general.

I can't begin to tell you how many "wankstaz" (that's rap language for wannabe gangsters for anyone wondering) went to my former school... every other kid acted like a thug when it was really uncalled for, and 90% of my school did illegal substances. It's modern media, and I hate it. 50 Cent isn't the only one who ruined rap - in my opinion, Eminem had some say in its downfall, too, even though I've read the whole "life not imitating art and yadayada" that my friend showed me. That does NOT take away the horrible messages he sends out! Rap is a terrible influence now. >:(

Standards are getting lowered more and more every day. Before you know it, censorship will be gone, and the world will fall into turmoil. (Okay, maybe not the world, but you get the message.)

I miss the old music in general that I grew up on. When I was little, I actually listened to rap/hip hop - things like Run DMC, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, LL Cool J... If rap music altogether ever goes back to its roots, I'd be happy, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

Most of what I listen to now is pre-1998, mostly 70's and 80's, and anything "new" is either techno, video game music, or J-Pop/J-Rock, with a bit of metal and rock mixed in. I absolutely refuse to listen to new rap or pop, simply because of the perversion and encouragement to do (other) bad things.

tl;dr version: I do not like what rap has become. In fact, I hate it with a burning passion that makes me want to drop all new rap in nitric acid! Some of the old stuff is good, but cars4carpeople1 sums up my feelings about what it is now. (Video game rap does not count in my message, since I have already stated video game music = good)

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ok, not all Rap is crap, the DK rap is good. oh yea, the mario RPG forest theme, i forgot there is a little rap in there, which isnt so bad.

Originally posted by Kyoseron

The only person who posted in this thread and made a serious post 0_0

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*clears throat*

Anyways, the rap culture is increasing dramatically. I personally don't like rappers or rap itself. They try to act "ghetto" and "how life is supposed to be". Yet again almost all rappers make "money" and become "wealthy" when their songs become popular.

Hypocripsy much?
I cry a lot so yeah...

Rap is overrated and retarded. Pretty much everybody in my school is one of those wannabe gangster idiots they walk bumping there rap music singing along with it. Who sings along with there music anymore? Its overrated and I dont see why its so good. Do we not get enough cursing at school? All they say is " N*gga b*tch gonna f*ck my blah BLAH BLAH"! Over and over all they do is curse. They dont even play there own music all they have is a stupid DJ in the background that plays dumb sounds. Every rap song has the same beat. Me I like rock and metal. They actually play there music with actual instruments and they use different beats. They also plan what they are gonna say. Rap they make up words as they go. If there was a way to convince people that rap is shit bad i would of. People say rock is just a bunch of yelling and satanic music. Its not! Do they read the lyrics? NO! Half the medal songs I have are either instrumental or some of them are even soft. Some talk about god. *cough* People dont listen so what can we do. What really pisses me off is that people who hate rock and medal have never heard it before. yup thats what I think :P

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Originally posted by Internoob

Rap is overrated and retarded.

Quoted for the first person to say that.

Originally posted by Internoob
Pretty much everybody in my school is one of those wannabe gangster idiots they walk bumping there rap music singing along with it.

Guess how many people in my school is doing that? :O

Originally posted by Internoob
Do we not get enough cursing at school?

That is first thing I hear when I go inside campus everyday.

Originally posted by Internoob
N*gga b*tch gonna f*ck my blah BLAH BLAH"

I hate that word so much, I want to strangle that person who say that.

Originally posted by Internoob
Me I like rock and metal.

Amen brother.

Originally posted by Internoob
What really pisses me off is that people who hate rock and medal have never heard it before. yup thats what I think :P

Lol true.
Rap is so gay! They spit out random words and curses and do there boom boom boom stuff!


Just back here to browse a bit.
It seems to me most people didnt read the first post or thread title because everyone is just giving blind insults X_X
I was trying to start a debate on rap but people here are too stupid to have a conversation.This is coming from someone who said "durr" in most of t heir posts =/

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I would say it's okay to hate rap in the same way that it's okay to hate most popular forms of music. I mean, seriously - we can talk about the social values that popular mainstream "party/club" rap music is promoting (how it is materialistic, misogynistic, negative, stereotyping, etc.) but is it really that much worse than mainstream pop music?

Think about it this way - there are dozens of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys clones out there that sing completely vacuous love songs that have no real meaning whatsoever. The love is superficial, or the situation is unrealistic, or there's really no real meaning when you actually listen to the lyrics (e.g. "Bye, Bye, Bye"). Is something that is so devoid of real human emotion really "better" than rap? In my opinion, no.

But let's not leave out most popular rock/alternative music. Here's how you can pretty much break it down:

- Nickelback clones - mediocre bands that churn out lots of similar-sounding songs with (again) no real lyrical content. Barely one step up from "pop music" (e.g. Top 100).
- Breaking Benjamin clones - slightly harder rock than something like Nickelback, but just as empty and soul-crushing.
- Korn clones - "edgy" bands made up of social outcasts in high school that produce music specifically geared toward high-school aged social outcasts.
- Emo/pop-punk clones - I can't even think of a single example because not a single one shines out more than the others, except for maybe My Chemical Romance (and it doesn't really exemplify all the other emo/pop-punk bands). Here, you have a genre that by definition is "emotional" music. But what is it really? Bands that write lyrics like a 15-year-old girl that lives in the country with her cats. It's not terrible, and some of it can even by likeable, but it ain't Shakespeare by any means. The only thing I can add is - I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.

All that being said, some songs are just good because they are catchy. For example, I like "Toxic" by Britney Spears, and I like lots of MCR songs, and some Korn songs are good, too. Some music is just good, apart from the lyrics. It all comes down to what kind of music you like.

Honestly, I think some white people dislike rap just because of a subconscious knee-jerk racist aversion to it. If I had to guess, I would say that there aren't many, if any, black people on this website. Not that you have to be black to like rap, but you do have to be black-friendly to at least some degree. If you are a part of mainstream white America, you aren't always black-friendly, so you might not be predisposed to liking rap music.

So, my point? Mainstream rap music might have questionable social value, but not anymore so than some of the whiny emo crap; the turd rock of Nickelback and their ilk; and the soulless pop music. Let's face it - most mainstream radio music is like pornography: all image and no emotions. Just like people like to watch pornography sometimes, they also like to listen to pointless music just because it is fun. But if all you listen to is pointless music, then you might as well just watch porn 24/7 and not have any real emotional attachment to anyone. I think people that do that are called "frat boys."

Seriously, though - 90 percent or more of all people are idiots that are completely happy listening to the Top 100 and jamming their faces full of McDonalds. They don't care if a species becomes endangered; they don't care if there is a war on in another country - they care about themselves and their little world.

Since so many people are like this, of course radio is going to cater to the lowest common denominator. If you have a limited perception, music about bumping and grinding and fake love songs will appeal to you, because that is as deep as you can get.

So, don't just rap just by what you hear on the radio. Listen to some Outkast, Roots, Jurassic 5, Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Dilated Peoples - hell, even Black Eyed Peas back in the 90's were pretty cool.

In conclusion, don't just hate rap - hate everything, because it all pretty much sucks and is unoriginal and is manufactured for idiots. Look for the songs that touch you or inspire you, no matter what genre they are from. And don't let anyone else dictate what you like; if you see meaning in a song that I think is stupid, then maybe you are smarter than me because you see something that I can't.


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well, people hate rap because rap promotes sex, drugs, and/or violence...

But what does rock/metal do??
There are rock bands out there that promote:

self infliction
painful/negative thought processing
harm to others
drug use/escape
negative thoughts, feelings or actions towards others
and most of all the idea of anarchy to be possible.

Some people ignorant to the term "anarchy" believe it to be the influence and "correct" use of individuality; it is an escape from thier problems in the form of an excuse for thier actions, and this is where most people fail to understand themselves and everyone around them...

could be part of the problem in the U.S.; the different ideas on theology, sociology, music, and the way it's presented and interpreted.
Scientific genius!I don't like rap (with the exception or that one from SMRPG and the DK rap). It is absolutely terrible. It is a bad influence on everything.

Take the song "Smack That" as an example. This song makes so much reference to smacking (if you know what I mean)

Another example, the song "I wanna F*** you". If you don't know what this song is supposed to mean, you need to "shoot" yourself.

Don't even get me started on the rappers themselves. Absoultely terrible role models of America.

(That is all for now, I have to get off. I'll add more later.)

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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Debate on hating of rap-SERIOUS POSTS ONLY-

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