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Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

i thuought they were suppose to be called gold sun/silver moon :|

anyway, i want one, i loved gold/silver :D

I hope there's a radio feature, and better yet, I hope the lottery theme makes a return.

Awesome music was awesome

on another note: I personally would not want to be caught alive wearing a Pokewalker. sure, I would still use it, just not flaunt it around.

yeah, Pokegear was confirmed to be in the game, the radio and everything!
I have to stop looking at stuff about the game, It makes me want it want it more!
Originally posted by Broozer
I'm quite anxious to the release of these remakes, mostly because I have NEVER played neither Gold, nor Silver, nor Crystal, so these two games are going to be sort of brand new to me.

I completely agree with you. I was unfortunate enough to miss out on the early days of Pokemon. Sad to say, but my first Pokemon game was LeafGreen for the GBA. (Actually, it was Pokemon Colloseum for the GCN, but that game was a mess, anyway.) Also, the fact that little is known about these games just adds to the excitement. I mean, lets face it. Diamond and Pearl were epic, but we knew almost everything about them before they hit store shelves!
I've been around since Red/Blue. I've played every hand held Pokemon game up until Platinum, and I plan on playing this.
My first pokemon game was gold, so this is going to be good. Sad that my gold doesn't work...
Well, Amos just linked me to some news from bulbapedia, and it's confirmed that the area west of Cianwood City is none other than a safari zone!

Another confirmation is a Battle Frontier west of Olivine, but the facilities/frontier brains have yet to be confirmed.
They need to add dsi compatibility so you can play your own songs on the radio.

Other than that, this is great. They're even going as far to complete the safari zone?
I use pokesav and I already have all pokemon, but man, I am stoked they're adding so many features to the storyline. And a battle frontier too!
Let's hope it's better than the platinum battle frontier. Platinum's was disappointing (Though others may disagree....)
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Originally posted by SummerTroopa
Let's hope it's better than the platinum battle frontier. Platinum's was disappointing (Though others may disagree....)

I agree with you on that topic. Platinum's Battle Frontier sucked, but (to me) Emerald's Battle Frontier kicked ass. Hopefully the HG/SS Battle Frontier will be similar to Emerald's.
I can't wait for Heart Gold...I loved Gold back then, it was one of the best Pokémon games.

I hope they added some cool new stuff...
I don't know which version I should get, they both sound tempting.
Nintendo just announced that these games will come out on spring 2010 in America. While it will be out on Japan in a month...

And then propably months later it'll come to Europe :P

The problem with the european versions is that you have so many different languages. Pokémon is an RPG with really much test to be translated, so that might take a while...

And I hope they don't cut something out from the european version too.
In Platinum they just removed the gambling in the casino for some stupid reason :/

I hope they don't do that in Heart Gold too, because that'd suck.
Gold was the very first pokemon game I ever played. <3
Originally posted by Aqualakitu
And I hope they don't cut something out from the european version too.
In Platinum they just removed the gambling in the casino for some stupid reason :/

I'd heard about that. Apparently it was for European-only copies of the game because an anti-gambling law was recently passed in some country. I have the Australian PAL version, so I don't lose anything. :P

Hey guys! The game has been leaked! I have some new info too! It's kind of minor, as I just started playing, but here goes. The guy who origionally taught you how to catch pokemon has been replaced by the female protagonist, or male depending on who you picked, of the story and shows you how to catch a pokemon now. When you go by any body of water, you can hear a realistic water stream sound effect. When you walk or run, you hear your footsteps, Also, the running shoes can be used the standard way, by pressing b, and the new way by permanently selecting them with the touch screen, that way you don't have to hold the b button. The apricorn trees have a nifty little animation that throws the apricorn into the air and into your bag. Also, the start menu on the top screen has been completely moved to the bottom screen, meaning that you wont see it on the top screen when pressing start, but it will let you select icons from the bottom screen without the stylus, or mouse in my case. One thing to note if you find the dump, there is a safe code that freezes the game after 10 minutes to prevent pirating. You will have to use this code that I found to get the game to work over 10 minutes without freezing.

Here is the anti-piracy check Action Replay code (Make sure it is entered as "Raw"
020DD9E4 E1A00000
020D3820 E1A00000
That needs to be turned on everytime you run the game

There is also a patch that will increase the time limit to 45 minutes of playing time if you are also interested in that.

Oh by the way, this works best on no$gba_2.6a with special settings
and if the game has glitches, sometimes you have to redownload it and some of the glitches will be gone. The game is completely playable with only about 2 minor graphic bugs. I will not post a download link, you'll have to find it for yourself. I'll post more info as I progress further.
Yeah, so i guess the games are out now. Anyone thinking of importing either of them? I may import Soul Silver, but i dunno. I already have the ROM, but i wanna play it on my DS. And i want the box. :3
Also, i like the new musics (You can already find em all on youtube) But some of them (Like my favorite video game theme ever, the National Park) were changed a little too much, in my opinion.
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Yeah, with dark cave being the least of my favorites. I kind of like the quiet theme, but it doesn't live up the the original. I'm also importing one from japan. I cant wait to play it on the ds. I don't think the games are out just yet because they were leaked a few days ago. The games are more like final betas, as they still have a very small amount of glitches that arent really noticable unless you pay close attention. Also, how do you make a screenshot with NO$GBA?
I am defenantly buying the Soul Silver version of this, because regular Silver was my first Pokemon game. The only thing that lets me down is the fact that this is kind of taking over next gen. I wanted to see more Pokemon, not a remake. I have also heard is that you can trade in an Arceus (There will be an event in D/P/Pl for this soon) for a level 1 Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Pretty nifty.
Hi! I'm dead!
Don't worry, this is probably a "hold over" while they think up new ones. Even for a "hold over" it's pretty freaking amazing! By the way, did anyone notice that all of the kanto cities and towns now have their correct music now? Cerulean city got a remix. Finally!:)

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