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Ask anything about SMW Hacking! (Generic version)

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How do you change the music that plays during a boss battle? Doing it in Lunar Magic did't seem to work. (wow, I've posted a lot of questions here).
Ok besides of my other post, forget it, I started a new hack and deleted my old I'm having problems with vertical levels. How do I change them to a horizontal level?
Originally posted by Khastvrokg
Ok besides of my other post, forget it, I started a new hack and deleted my old I'm having problems with vertical levels. How do I change them to a horizontal level?

First click on the mario head near the top and you will see a big bar at the top with a lot of gobble-dee-gook, but under it it will say, horizontal level, vertical level, horizontal layr 2 etc., scroll through the big white bar until it comes to horizontal level.

Good 12 year-old hacka!

If i said " cheese " what would you say to me?

Originally posted by NeoSigma
What I meant is that the level music is fine as long as I don't put music as either 23, 27, or 2F.

Yes I'm using a clean rom that's expanded to 1MB. If I wasn't it would be messing up on every music file.

And I have all the music I want(I just skip over those 3 files), I'm just curious as to what's making those 3 files always screw up because the music that came with addmusic on those files inserted ok.

Maybe the size of the four songs (20-23,24-27,etc.) is too big? Try to make the files as small as possible. (Try to keep it under 1000 bytes per song or so, if possible)
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Well I tried other music that I knew would work on other files (like 20, 21, 22, 24) and all the level music still messes up!

It's okay though if I just skip the screwy files(23,27,2F, and 33)
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Hmm... how about this...

Leave out song 20, so that you'll only insert songs 21-23. If it works now, the combined size of 20-23 is too big, and you absolutely need to make them smaller. If it doesn't... is one of your songs considerably bigger than the other? If not, can you please give me the sizes of your songs? (addmusic should show the song size to you)
--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Ohhh, okay I didn't know that it was groups of files that were too big. I thought it could only be single files that were too big to insert.

Well I have all the music I need and they work.

That is probably why the music that required the N-SPC patch wouldn't work. I think AMME 3.5 is the most recent, so I shouldn't need that patch right?
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Actually, under Advanced SMW Hacking, there's an unofficial release of a newer version of AddMusic that I've found to work much better than any of the others for me so far. You might want to try using it. Just make sure you keep the tutorial on the thread, it's so much better than the information on the readme file.
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Boy, this is embaressing.

What do I do to get the rom to open up in lunar magic?
All I get is it does not have a 0x200 header. Anybody know what's wrong?
@Whiter: Your ROM simply doesn't have a header. The program SNEStool can add a header to your ROM, although it never worked for me. You can also try redownloading or searching for a new ROM.
Red Stems on Piranha Plants are bad. VRAM Corruption. What other matters like that cause VRAM Corruption?

Is it possible to make it so when you hit a p switch, brown used blocks turn into coins that fall to the ground like when you kill an enemy like a koopa
I need help with the Layer 3 options

ok... im trying to do a level with layer 3 set as mist, but in a level with BG/FG gfx set as "Normal 1", is there anyway to do it? because i can only set the mist with the ghost house BG/FG gfx...
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Click on the blue poisonus mushroom and select a ghost house tileset that enables the mist. Then, click on the red poisonus mushroom, tick the little box at the top and select following settings:

FG1 - 14
FG2 - 17
BG1 - 1B
FG3 - 15

Then click "OK" and save the level. BTW, this applies just for the standard grass tileset, if you want to use other tilesets, search a level which has the desired tileset, click on the red poisonus mushroom and check which GFX files are loaded.
I have a Medium Auto-Scroll set on some level near half way point, and I only want it for a while, not for the whole entire level, I wanna stop it, but Still have some more obsticles ahead to proceed, with out the auto scroll though. How do I do that?
I think, sprite C2 will stop it.
Your layout has been removed.
Nope, C2 is a Blurp Fish. That didn't work.
Try sprite D2 or D9. (Turn off Generator2, Turn off Generators; respectively.)
Nope, those didn't work either. Damm, I guess imma have to use Screen Exits and Secondary Entrances.

@Alexjs: Nice Ice Flower you got there.
You just just set up a secondary exit to the same level, about one screen over. Then just fill that screen with a wall of some sort.

...and thanks. =3
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