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Wario's Puzzling Adventure
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Well yea, my first hack. My inspiration so to speak is from the wario land 2-4 as well as "Super Puzzle World". The one thing I didn't like about super puzzle world was the isane time limits so my hack attempts to make easier (although proggressively harder) puzzles. The finished version will have 6 worlds and about 30 levels. Yes I know, short (working on this hack is my summer project). I intend to have a few custom bosses and extra gimicks. So far I'm about 90% done with the first world, I've added the wario sprites and a little exgfx.

Story: One day Wario was at a party when he saw the beautiful Madam Melody. Madam Melody envited Wario to her private island but when Wario got there he notice she was a HE. Not only that but he was secretly the Maze Master. Wario was then thrown into the midst of MM's puzzle island.
(cool story bro)


The premise for the first world is going back and forth to complete the level.

I'd like to know if anyone is generally interested with my hack otherwise I'm not going to sumbit it when I'm finished.


Looks like an interesting hack. But, what is wrong with the storyline?!

Good fucking bye.
Quite a few graphical bugs that require fixing.

-Hills with eyes have misplaced shadowing, and are cutoff near the top.
-Multi-colored cliffs in the water.
-Random tiles with the dark green in the top right corner placed all over the submap (they do not look like grass - they just look ugly).
-Different shade of white in the top right corner looks ugly.
-The small 'bumps' (8x8 hills) look really weird with their shadow to the left, whereas the bigger hills have their shadows on the right.
-In the screenshot of the level, the top right corner of the platform has an ugly brown part on it.

Fix these up, and it should be a bit better.
Thanks. I showed it to a friend and he said everything was perfect. I fixed everything but the brown ledge, not too sure how to do that.


Well it looks like that because it is over a bush tile.
You should probably remove the bush.
Other than that, it looks good.
Well it's been about 2 weeks since my first post and I'd like to give a little update to anybody that saw this.
First, I've decided to make this a mini hack which will only be 5 levels long. This is because I have many ideas for puzzles but not good enough ones to make complete 2-3 minute levels. So in the end I plan the hack to take atleast 25 minutes to beat. Second, I've added custom music and blocks although I'm still decided whether or not to change the original OW music (hey, I like it). Third, I have all five OWs complete and would like a critique.

The level/OW names are:
Maze Mansion (main OW, oh and yes I know it's a square, I wanted it to be boring looking and then the others to be eye pleasing)
Puzzle Prairie
Riddle Road
Calculation Cavern
Quiz Quasar

It should be easy to figure out which one is which.

...and I made a userbar :)


24 hour bump


The overworlds look nice, despite they have only one level each. :)

Good fucking bye.
Looks interesting. Are you going to post a video? BTW, cut-off on Lava waterfall.

Untitled Hack Progress:


I've fixed up Calculation Cavern submap and have a screenshot of Quiz Quasar. Does anyone know how to fix the mushroom ledge corners?


This hack is turning into a good hack. I like the graphic changes you made here. Nice palettes to, and I also like the cave submap, the lavafall is way better now.

Keep working on it. :)
I'm curious to see Wario with a mushroom...that is small or mini Wario right?

If anyone needs help with custom Character GFX,PM me.
<Note> You will have to have a progress thread in order for me to work on GFX for you.No random requests.
Actually, I've disabled power ups to add a bit more challenge to the hack. Don't worry though all levels have infinite time and you're giving infinite lives too.

EDIT: You know what, thank you. You've given me a great idea. I'll show you (meaning everybody) when I complete it.


If it's a puzzle hack, I'd happily give it a go whenever you release it (and possibly LP it, with permission of course).


Sorry for my noobishness but what does LP mean? And yes, I am trying to make this a puzzle hack. Quite the challenge for my first hack since I have such a limited knowledge of how things work. I'm starting to admire other hacks more and more as I realize just how difficult it can be to make something challenging without being unfair, interesting but not gimmicky and just generally fun to play.

And to answer the question of what "big" Wario looks like:

As you can see, it's Wario-Man. He has a 16x16 hit box and can not fly but damnit it takes a real man to dress down completely in purple and pink. Also showing off my custom pirate duck-koopa.


I really like the duck pirate graphics that replace the kkopa, I'll make sure to play it when it comes out ; )

you can have a cookie if you guess one of the songs in my profile via PM
I might as well give an update/bump this thread >.>

GFX: 100%, I finally got around to editing the MARIO in the top left corner and MARIO START. I'm completely done unless anyone has suggestions for me to change enemies into other things. The only enemies I've edited so far are chucks into monkeys, koopas into ducks and goombas into the little captian syrup goons.

Level progress:

PP: 80%. but subject to change. I'm not liking it that and I don't want anyone to play something that I myself was not satisfied with.
CC: 0%. Haven't even started yet.
RR: 2%. I had a really neat idea for this level but when I started editing it turns out my idea was flawed and I need to think of something new.
QQ: 90%. Working on the puzzle. Subject to change to about 50% if my tester finds the level too boring.
MM: 5%. Only have the first to screens that warp you back unless you hit all the switches.

Also, what does LP mean?

EDIT: Should I make a video?


Originally posted by SightForSoreEyes

Also, what does LP mean?

It means Let's Play which is someone using a mic giving commentary while playing a hack.

Nice palettes, submaps, and GFX btw. This looks like a fun hack. :)
Question: Is it too unfair to have to commit suicide inorder to restart a level, even if you have infinite lives?


Originally posted by SightForSoreEyes
Question: Is it too unfair to have to commit suicide inorder to restart a level, even if you have infinite lives?

If you have Infinite lives, I think it's not, but let the people know they have to commit suicide

you can have a cookie if you guess one of the songs in my profile via PM
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