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Mario Ware: Mega Microlevel$


Back in 2007 when I was first getting into SMW hacking, I had worked on a couple of crappy hacks that ended up being abandoned. One of these was a bit better than the rest though: called Mario Ware: Mega Microlevel$, it was about playing through small levels across a bunch of worlds. It took close to a year for me to get it done, but I actually finished it at 60+ levels. Yet I never released it, and instead forgot about it in favor for what eventually became Elementia. The other day though, I thought about it again, and decide I may as well release it here for people to play.


Keep in mind this hack is, well, pretty bad by today's standards, and wasn't exactly the best then either. Be prepared for some uneven level design and cutoffness in levels and on the overworld. The hack has no ExGFX, custom music, or custom sprites, and only one custom block I ended up abusing heavily in Elementia. (hint: it begins with tele and ends with port) Still, some people might be interested in playing it, and if somebody gets all the way through, well, they deserve a pat on the back. Enjoy!
I'll be sure to give this a go sometime in the near future. It can't be as bad as you make it out to be.

It can't be as bad as "The Thousand Year Pipe"

SNN: <3
I played through a handful of levels and stopped.

To be completely honest, this hack just isn't fun. :\

I am totally aware this was your first hack, I would just like to give my genuine opinion. While I think the general idea of the hack was very good, the levels themselves just weren't fun at all. I see the gimmick you went for in every level was featuring one or two particular enemies, but that made the levels even more repetitive. The overall level design was uninspired and tiring, and really only constituted of avoiding some enemy over and over again.

However, I think the main theme of the hack, being miniature levels, was a great idea. If you were ever to experiment with this idea again, I would suggest going for a different overall theme for every level, and incorporating other unique elements to them, such as different graphic environments, music, types of challenges, and possibly ASM gimmicks.

Sorry if you didn't really want to hear this considering you've improved TREMENDOUSLY since then, but I have to give my honest opinion ;). Don't feel bad or anything, we all need practice, and I think it's quite remarkable how your first released hack was so incredible. My first six SMW hacks were complete garbage, so don't feel bad. ;P
It doesn't look like a hack I'd download.
After playing it, I still wouldn't download it.
But you know it's crap, so I don't really care.
I can't believe someone thought of the idea before I did! :) Me and few other people are creating a MarioWare hack and are working on it dilligantly. I'm glad to see that someone else had thought of the idea! ;)

Untitled Hack Progress:

Although this was a test, i actually liked it a lot.
The secrets were pretty fun, although the smallcano one with ICB's didn't really make sense. Anyway, thanks for releasing!
Originally posted by Dinomar
I just like the level design of it, the rest is...

But level design is all there is to it. You mean you LIKE this?

Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.