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1-Letter Swap: Third Edition

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He ATE his lunch already.
Pit of 100 Trials


SMW Hacking is so simple,even Green Yoshi can do it!
Fear the Muncher!
Fear the Lil' Sparky!
I made a new SMW Hacking Board
Check it out!Please register!
I HATE certain things.

unfortunately that is your FATE

But I opened the GATE to freedom!
Check-MATE! I win on chess!
2: Jubeat Saucer is coming! It's a great game in the series
- Super Mega Mario World. Current level in progress: World 3 LVL 5
- STILL Doing a Let's Play on Facebook
SMK: Getting started. No data available
DDR: Files and installer are Here. Link to blog is HERE. Pack 8: The SMASHING PACK. PM me if you want to put recommended Super Smash Brothers Brawl songs so I could put into my list (NOTE: 1 character per song (I only have Mario, Marth and Yoshi done) so I have like over 30 more songs to go). Next song: A song from Snake
I'm taking this hot chick to a DATE
How many DATES did you go on?
I hacked the DATA of this site. (not really)
Uhm....this was a hard Hakunama- TATA?
What a wonderful fail ._.
I have no idea how the word tat is used in a sentence, but I know it has something to do with cheapness...

EDIT: also, all the definitions I got for tata are proper nouns. Is there any actual use where it isn't one or shall we start again?
i'm looking one STAT
Arizona is an STATE
i just lurk sometimes
My friend has a creepy STARE.
Your layout has been removed.

SHARE that with us.

Dig through the SHALE. (Type of rock)
Your layout has been removed.
I think the candy is on SALE.
Make a scale model

Head & Shoulders is for the SCALP.

That water's so hot it could SCALD.

This graph is not to SCALE.

The store is having a sale.
Good fucking bye.
Link Thread Closed