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Mario in SMWC-on hold(can be closed)

Link Thread Closed


This looks interesting. I only hope it's executed well.

I'll go make maself a sprite now, should I?
This sounds good! I'm going to make a sprite of me!
Also, I have already ripped some of SMWC. pic
Your layout has been removed.
i've drawn a custom SMWC styled tileset for my hack, but also for you:

i hope you like it!
Originally posted by GhostlyYoshiEgg
i've drawn a custom SMWC styled tileset for my hack, but also for you:

i hope you like it!

In my opinion my vote would go to Tornado's ExGFX. Just because it's like the original and it would fit the hack more, ofcourse.
true, but if he wants to use it he can PM me.
Heh i want to appear as a giant monocle boss. Mwahahaha.

i just lurk sometimes
You can make me whatever you want, if you know what %n actually does on aim lol. I can be a dot if you want lol.
Interesting idea. If you put me in, I'll have to ask RedToonLink for my sprites. By the way, you should make a hack removal log level. xD

Originally posted by Tornado
Also, I have already ripped some of SMWC. pic

Can someone rip it to an exgfx file?(Unless you already have it, tornado)
Alright I have made me a big bad boss! I made a short little level for my home page too. I will now present to you all my hard(really)work!
It will have a patch and the level files....just read the readme.:)


(Read the readme or...just read it!)

Footer huh? I never knew posts had feet o_o

Current Hack = Doopliss Revenge
The hack sounds like it is a great idea....

But Ivanka Trump will look ugly as 16-bit. :(
Just back here to browse a bit.
I'm on vacation for a week. see ya all later!
Originally posted by kirbydavy
I'm on vacation for a week. see ya all later!

You know, you could have posted this in the introduction/leaving/returning thread instead of announcing that you will be away in your hack thread. Such message just... doesn't fit with a thread that actually has to do wit your hack.

Also, judging by the posts that have been popping up around here lately, I can't exactly say whether this hack remains being an individual hack or not. Well, I mean, you have been asking people to make stuff for you a tad too much lately, and this kind of makes me think that this hack, which started off being an individual hack, is actually turning into a team hack. In case this is now a team hack, as opposed of being an individual hack, please add proper contents to the first post of this thread. By 'proper contents', I mean adding valid information/details/etc that can be specified in this topic. Thanks, in advance.
I like your idea, you could put most of the members of the site in your hack in certain attributes, in my case, my name could be a name of a world, for example: 1 icebox World
Read first post before posting.
So you're basically saying you will be the leader and write the story? And do nothing else?
Vah'Neela's Mansion coming soon.
Hack postponed until secret project is finished.
Yay for hacks being brought back from the dead!
Also, Fireblast124(I think that's his name on here) is now a co-creator!
Wait...did I just level up? W00t! Level 3:Red shelless koopa!!!!
I can be a level designer.

And if this is based off of SMWC, can we have a level based off of "Mario's Hell" or any other horrendously crappy hack that didn't get through the quality control barrier for obvious reasons?
"Lip: A Fairy's Tale" project status: Slow (Visit the project thread here!)

Yes, you could say I like Osaka.
I suppose I could donate my old story to you guys; if you're interested, PM me. I had the same idea for this, but you made the thread first.


Link Thread Closed