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A gamer's life

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Hello everyone, how are you all ^^

You guys love to make games? what am i asking of course you do.
this is why i'm here. Ever heard of LPers, people that record themselves play games? Know ninja boy...

Or maybe you know about games? you love to create game with programs such as Lunar magic, game maker, RPG maker, knit stories, and more.

Well come to AGl, Where gaming is all about the gamers.


a Gamers life is the place to be, You can play games, make games, speak about games, get friends, ask for LP, Ask for help, you want it, we can get it.

A Gamer's life

Join in on the fun!
Sorry, we don't allow advertising at this site except for your forum signature. I am afraid this thread has to be closed.
Link Thread Closed