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So, what do you guys think about the old pokeman sprites?


NO! Wigglyweaks are tuff.
1st Hack: Super Yoshi Revenge World (In The Making)Click here for the thread! looks sort of mad...

...and crazy...

...and infected with rabies (the disease, not the global mod)...

...and, do all of the old Pokemon sprites have an appearance similar to that?

Don't you mean infected with Raibys?

I found creepy actually.
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Taking a small break
Wigglytuffs are weak not strong.
We all know that don't we.
The sprite looks... loco. Excuse my spanish.
1st Hack: Super Yoshi Revenge World (In The Making)Click here for the thread!

Wow, that looks scary, I remember having Wigglytuff on my team. This sprite is from Pokemon Green I think.
I happen to think that an Igglybuff is more buff than the tuff of a jigglypuff that is ruff.

The old Pokemon sprites were pretty cool I guess.
That's... Just weird.
Good fucking bye.

Tumor Mew says hi.
Clefable's are tough too!

And Fabio...That just scares me...
@ fabio-O_o Strange.
Good fucking bye.
Oh god, Green version was so lulzy with its engrish and fail sprites.

Originally posted by Super Mario 64


o hai
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by Spade

o hai

lol sup

Originally posted by Wigglytuff
Don't you mean infected with Raibys?


This is seriously getting old now :(

Hellz yeah bitches
By the way, that wigglytuff looks like its on some serious crack
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