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Tetris Attack Tournament - Signup Cap Reached
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**The 32 player cap has been reached. The official tournament will begin on July 2, 2009. If you have any questions in the meantime, you are more than welcome to send me a private message.**

So about two months ago, I proposed a Tetris Attack tournament. After receiving a huge amount of positive responses and interest, I promised I would host it the following week. Yeah, that didn't happen .. so instead, I have waited until summer, in which most people are off of school and able to meet the deadlines and such for this contest.

So yeah, let's get this show on the road. We'll be using Tetris Attack, not Panel de Pon, so get your ROM ready for that. Do not ask for one here - if you desperately need one, then ask someone in a PM for one (assuming you know they have one and you're not pestering them). Better yet, Google one - it should take <30 seconds to find one.

We'll start off with official signups. The people who posted in the older thread should sign up here if they are interested in joining. For those who didn't see the old thread, just drop a post here and let me know you are joining.

I have set up a Hamachi network for this. If you do not have Hamachi, download it here. Here is the network information:

Network Name: SMWC TA - FULL
Password: eggs

Network Name: SMWC TA2
Password: eggs

(case sensitive and such)

We will also be using ZSNES 1.36, so grab that from here. 1.51 will NOT be acceptable, as it does not have netplay capabilities.

That`s about all I have to say. I will be explaining all of the rules and the tournament bracket once the signups are over, but if you have any questions about getting set up or figuring Hamachi out, please feel free to ask. If not, then sign up and join the fun.

-----SIGNUPS (32)------

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I wasn't there when you proposed it two months ago, but I think I'll participate.

Sign me up, please. :)

(Edits 1-3 have been deleted due to the problem being fixed in both of them)
I'm pretty bad at Tetris Attack but would love to sign up nonetheless.
Originally posted by Supertails
I'm pretty bad at Tetris Attack but would love to sign up nonetheless.

Same here.

EDIT: Hmm... there's no 1.43 on ZSNES' website.
I sign up. Don't you mean ZSNES 1.42, SNN?

Please don't let Azure and his 15x chains see this thread. D+
I mean, I can outlast him, but the highest chain I can get is a ~11x, maybe 13x at the most. With garbage.

If anyone really needs it, I have the rom, and am willing to host it on mediafire and PM people a link to it.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
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SIGN me up to this Tetris Attack tournament I will be ready today i got the program and I got zsnes version 1.51 is that alright???
sign me in as devilking 25
luckey24: There's 1.51 and 1.42 have different functionality in different aspects so I'd just go the safe route and download 1.42 if I were you. 1.51 doesn't have netplay so you need to download 1.42 (as SNN edited into his post).

Did you really think this would slip by me, Giga? I'm joining, of course. I just hope there's less lag than last time I played TA on netplay, since that really kills me because of how offensive I am (one missed move can turn a 15-chain into a 5-chain...).


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alright im getting the version now
wanna have a practice round
sign me up too. :P


Sign me up, I love tetris attack, may need to brush up on my skills (I used to be really good when I had a working SNES controller) and get my computer controller working (and figure out how to use the netplay thingy)

edit: looks like I may be stuck with just using the keyboard keys since it is nearly impossible to play the game with my current controller (the other alternative is to use it and kill my left hand from pressing the directional buttons down really hard)

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I GUESS I'll join... I doubt I'll check up on the information here on SMWC, so a skype PM would always be nice.

I'm "Nin10doWii" on the Hamachi.

EDIT: We all need the same rom... so I guess someone will have to outside host it. If everyone does it have it, of course.
Come to think of it, I may as well just provide a ROM over Hamachi (network chat) on the day the signups end. That would make it easier on everyone, and that would guarantee we are all using the same ROM.
It actually emulates a LAN connection and an IP adress, which is completely safe. It`s also very easy to use - it basically guides you through it.
Um. Right.

I'd like to retroactively apologize in case this is half as silly as it seems in my head, but nonetheless...

I've been lurking on this site for quite a while, and with me being a huge Tetris Attack nut, when I heard about this tournament, I thought I'd actually be able to get a challenge out of it, since the computers kinda bore me.

If registering at SMWC just to join this tournament is for some reason taboo (i.e. the purpose is to find out who among those who actually participates at SMWC is the best player), by all means don't allow it. I'd completely understand.

Otherwise... Sign me up!
Me joins tooooo :3

EDIT: little question guys, where can I find a good version of Zsnes 1.42?
I can't find it...
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

Hmmm, this sounds like fun (except for the fact many people hear can do combos greater than 5).

I will join.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I will join, I've been an expert at Tetris Attack.

For some reason, Hamachi won't let me log in. Mediation server rejects log in.
Hmmm, i would have joined, but since i don´t own the rom or anything i can´t. Plus, i tought it would be funnier if we can just record our run from That site is awesome when it comes to Tetris. For those who haven´t been there, register and start playing Tetris! They have many different modes to.

// Dwago
id like to try!
ive used hamachi b4 but i could never get anything interesting done with it so i deleted it
ill download hamachi and ZSNES 1.42(can someone provide a link for it?) and train but i cant train for a week next week coz its my residential with my class.
also i never played tetris attack but im good with tetris on game boy and tetris party on wii so if i win its probably a sign of apocolyps(?) because i can get owned easyly(i played online on tetris party and i got spammed to death so i unplugged it)

so yea i wont be suprised if i lose.(also whats the prize? or is it for fun?)

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add me and PM me yur FC if you wanna brawl
also if you want to add my Wii Code then PM request W/ your Wii Code.

Also if you want me to BETA Test your hack then E-Mail it to my MSN Adress(No 'Im a dick' hacks)
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