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Making ExGFX and Map16 pages

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I've seen a couple threads on this sort of thing that usually go unanswered or lazily answered

-Ok first off, making your own ExGFX.

1. The easiest thing to do is to take an already existing ExGFX file from the ExGFX section.
2. Now that you've downloaded it, go into YY-CHR (which you can find here) and open the ExGFX file.
3.Now you can delete the existing base ExGFX file and redraw your own.
For Example. I drew cirno. (yay touhou)

4. Once you've drawn your ExGraphics save the file as "ExGFX80" or any other number above up to "ExGFXFFF" do NOT save the file as any other number below that.
5. Now go to the folder your ROM is located in. make a new folder inside that folder called "ExGraphics" Then put your ExGFX file in the folder.
6. Now go into lunar magic. Open your ROM and click on the yellow mushroom to insert your ExGFX.
now open the "Super GFX bypass dialog" (the red poisonous mushroom)
You should get this.

Now first press where the red circle is to allow you to do the next step.
7. Now go to where the red square is and you will get a drop down menu.
8. Scroll down to find your ExGFX file. Mine is ExGFX80.

9. Click on it an then click ok. PRESS F9 TO SAVE THE CHANGES YOU'VE MADE IN MAP16, OR ELSE THEY WILL NOT APPEAR IN-GAME (thanks for reminding me Yanamanka)
10. Don't be worried that everything looks all garbled and messed up. That's ok.

PART 2 Compiling Map16 pages
1. To make your own map 16 pages you'll need two windows. The 8x8 tile editor and the 16x16 tile editor.
2. Find your ExGFX file in the 8x8 tile editor. (left) Press up and down on your keyboard arrows until you find the page.
3. Now scroll over the tiles on your 8x8 tile editor and find it's tile number. (bottom left corner)

4. Go to an empty map16 page, click on an empty tile and the click on the "edit 16x16 attributes" button. (Red square) Which should open that third window.

5. Go to the where those boxes are and type in the tile of your ExGFX. (blue box and other 3 boxes in that window.)
6. This may take a while to do because you have to align your tiles perfectly, but eventually it will end up (nearly) perfect like this!

7. You'll notice the palette is all messed up. So you'll have to make your own palette in the palette editor window. (unless you can work with the original palette which is difficult)
8. But once you edit your palette it will look perfect, like this!

9. You can go back into the "edit attributes" window again to make the file act like the block you want it to act like.
10. Then you paste these tiles into your level and when you play the game it should look like so.

Yay! Now we're done. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions feel free to post them in this thread.

Thanks -Zildjian
This tutorial is very useful. I vote for sticky.
i just lurk sometimes
Thanks, that means a lot. :)
Hm I already known that, but It's sure helpful to beginners^^

I vote for sticky too. ^^

could use a bit of explanation on how to set up palettes, but is fantastic for beginners. I vote sticky as well.
<-An excellent spritesheet site

I am now willing to take ExGFX requests

Progress Pioneer 1:
(I'm making changes so I don't really know what exactly it is at)
How do you make an ExGFX file from scratch?

What I'm trying to do is have spiked mines instead of munchers in castles, fortresses, etc. and have normal munchers elsewhere. I'm also trying to get sideways ones but I can't do any of this because there's no ExGFX for munchers so far.
Your layout has been removed.
What do you mean by "from scratch"? Because what you're trying to do (replace the Muncher's graphics with a spiked ball) isn't "from scratch." It's copying the GFX that the Muncher currently uses and replacing the images with a spiked ball.

However, the Muncher is animated so you'll have to change the animation frames too. I don't know where they're stored.
how do you use more than exgfx files in a level?
Originally posted by pokedude987
how do you use more than exgfx files in a level?

Well, I'll try to explain this in a way so as not to confuzzle you.
There are a total of 9 available ExGFX spaces per level;

4 for the Foreground and Background

4 for the Graphics that Sprites use

1 that can be used as extra animation

So, If you mean graphics for a level, then you have at most, 4 spaces you can use for ExGFX. These 4 spaces are named FG1, FG2, FG3, and BG.

FG3 and FG1 are slots you insert graphics in that will come out in the Foreground.

FG2 and BG are the slots you insert graphics in that will appear in the Background, and some traces in the Foreground.

So, You just follow the procedures above... If you want to put ExGFX into slot 1, just do so. If you want to put another ExGFX file into slot 3, you just go to the dropdown list (Pictured above) and select the other file you want to use.

I hope that helps you out!

Please go and edit Step 9. You forgot to say, "PRESS F9 TO SAVE THE CHANGES YOU'VE MADE IN MAP16, OR ELSE THEY WILL NOT APPEAR IN-GAME".

Notte Luminosa Progress:

Click here to download It! :D
Ha, I just used this guide to make my first custom background. Thanks a lot :)

Muchas gracias.....thanks ... for this tutorial helped me a lot ... but how do I edit my color palette?
Thanks, this tutorial is very useful.
Originally posted by Jack_Black
Muchas gracias.....thanks ... for this tutorial helped me a lot ... but how do I edit my color palette?

Enable custom palette(under level options if I'm not mistaken)
Click on the rainbow star

Your layout has been removed.
this was very useful, and pointed out things i didn't even know.

*takes out tape for mod to stick* i vote for sticky too.
Originally posted by DragonFire6780
*takes out tape for mod to stick* i vote for sticky too.

No, a sticky would be pintless since it's in the "Tutorials" forum, where, as the name implies, everything's a tutorial. The other sticky requests have been made before this forum existed.

This is one of the most helpful tutorials I've found. It will help a lot of people who are just starting to make ExGFX. Good work!

i think he didn't cover 'first extract the GFX and then re-insert it. if you don't, you will get glitched graphics.'
but nice tutorial :)

I might put some sort of signature here once. I guess.
hacks in progress;

mario's evil vacation
attack of the stickmen
the last mage
monster mash
the long trail
minded wall
bowsers airship (1 big level)
I have a question. I know how to insert multiple GFX. But, if I hit the button F3 to insert the GFX, it always inserts the same one. I am saying if I have GFX in FG1 and FG3, it always inserts FG3 in the 16x16.

*EDIT* I meant to say Map16, not GFX
Mayhem Mario Process

try the other button

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