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What do you guys think of prototype? Give my your honest opinion!
I think its great I give it a 9/10

Super Nokia Max -CANCELED-

New project, (No name yet, can anyone help me with a title?)

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I have this game, and I think, it's a great fun. The freedom like GTA, the action like a good action game, and the plot is quite unique, I think. And murdering thousands of people on the streets with huge claws...hilarious.

I cleared it once on easy mode, and once on normal mode.
Now I'm busy on hard mode.

I really like the game. It got a good story, you got alot powers to mess around with (and to kill people with) and you gotta love the freedom too. Some of the challenges are hard tough... (especially some of the "hit the marks in time" challenges).
The game's difficulty goes from easy to hard like a game should (Aside from the challenges). And you unlock new challenges and upgrades after almost each mission.
I also liked the fact you can redo all of the missions when you cleared the game while keeping all of your powers.
I'm even planning on doing a video walkthrough of this game someday in my vacation (if fraps will work the way I want it).

I'll give it a 9/10 aswell.


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